Friday, September 11, 2015

By Dr. Gary Habermas

Here is an excerpt from the article:

…Therefore, considering the issue of Jesus’ resurrection is of prime importance. I agree with those who assert that the historicity of this event is a major question, for it is upon this aspect that the truthfulness of Christian theology depends. Repeated treatments and evaluations of this occurrence appear in Christian studies, but such are justified both by its centrality and by the new faces of contemporary criticism.

In light of this importance, the major purpose of this essay is fourfold. First, we will describe several contemporary approaches to the resurrection, dividing these into five groups, or models, for the sake of clarity. Second, a more-or-less traditional apologetic for the resurrection will be briefly summarized. Third, a contemporary apologetic will be presented in order to strengthen further the earlier case for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. The force of this latter effort is that even by utilizing contemporary critical principles, this event can still be shown to be historical. In fact, the major theme of this essay is to point out how the resurrection can be historically demonstrated even by such skeptical standards of investigation. Fourth, we will suggest several areas for future concentration in resurrection studies…

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