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As the culture rapidly changes, so do the challenges we face in defending the Christian faith. Tackling trending issues like racism, sexuality, and morality in today’s society can seem next to impossible.

The Center for Apologetics & Cultural Engagement will teach you how to effectively address controversial issues like these with courage and grace. Times have changed, and because of this, we need to think carefully about how we engage the culture around us, learning to speak and act out of a gospel framework.

On our site, you’ll get solid teaching on a wide range of topics from respected biblical scholars and thinkers within the Christian community. Find out how to articulate your beliefs and offer biblical responses to important cultural issues. Our videos, articles, and events will teach you how to strategically engage with your community — in a way that reflects the heart of Christ.

As an interdisciplinary initiative, the Center for Apologetics & Cultural Engagement embraces Liberty University’s vision to equip Christians in all fields to faithfully impact the culture with the gospel. The Center functions out of the Rawlings School of Divinity and has been instrumental in the development of cultural engagement and apologetics courses. The Center also maintains an active Senior and Student Fellowship program.



“The Liberty Center for Apologetics is structured precisely to connect top-tier students with some of evangelicals’ finest scholars. What an incredibly-amazing opportunity for students!”

— Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Research Prof. & Chair, Dept. of Philosophy, Liberty University & Theological Seminary

“At a time when the culture is changing at breakneck speed (and not for the better!), we need people who can help us think biblically and engage the culture boldly and winsomely.”

— Andreas Köstenberger, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Founder of Biblical Foundations