Raising Shepherds

In the Fall 2020 edition of Faith and the Academy, Liberty is exploring the implications of its mission to Train Champions for Christ. This is a contextualized discussion; “champions” is a distinct word that links to the conversation about biblical leadership development within the university. Jack Carson’s editorial contrasts two types of champions, much as […]

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Christ-Exalting Christian Education: An Interview with Duane Litfin

As part of the first issue of Volume 4 of Faith and the Academy, Duane Litfin took some time to have a conversation with Dr. Benjamin K. Forrest, our managing editor. Litfin holds doctorates from Purdue University (Rhetorical Studies) and Oxford University (New Testament). After two decades as a professor and pastor, Dr. Litfin served […]

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Progressing From ‘A Theology of the Disciplines’ to ‘A Theology For Vocation’

by Dr. Benjamin K. Forrest Progression is natural. My youngest son is learning the alphabet with his mom before he learns to read at school. My grade school daughter is learning the commutative property of addition before she learns algebra. Learning is always built upon prior knowledge. Progression is natural, it is good, and if […]

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Christian Higher Education in a Changing Cultural Landscape: Tradition as a Source of Renewal

By David S. Dockery The year was 1955: I was a mere two years old. The White House had become home to the American war hero, General Dwight David Eisenhower; Winston Churchill concluded his terms as the British Prime Minister and Richard Daley had just started his powerful reign as Chicago‚Äôs 48th mayor. Yet, it […]

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