Liberty University offers a variety of resources for camp directors looking to host a camp on our campus. Many of our top-notch facilities and campus services are available for camp directors to take advantage of in order to help create quality experiences for their campers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing quality service and assistance to all of our camp directors from the start of the camp planning process to the execution of each camp.

The sections below outline more of the details and things to consider for hosting a summer camp at Liberty University.

Liberty-Affiliated Groups include camps managed by our academic departments, Recreation Center, Club Sports, and NCAA coaches. Because these groups are directly associated with the University, they receive certain benefits in terms of pricing for hosting a camp at Liberty University. Liberty affiliated groups are not subject to any sort of rental fee for the use of on-campus facilities during their camps, including the LaHaye Rec and Fitness Center, and receive discounted pricing for both their on-campus housing and dining needs during the summer.

Non-Liberty Affiliated Groups consist of organizations with no affiliation to the University. These camps can have any number of focuses – academic, athletic, recreation, etc. – and come to Liberty with the intent of renting our various facilities and services to help facilitate their summer camps. Because these organizations have no direct association with the University, they are required to pay rental fees for the use of any of our on-campus facilities and are subject to standard pricing for any on-campus housing or dining needs during the summer.

Summer Camp Resources Available through Liberty University:
Groups hosting their camps at Liberty University may take advantage of a number of on-campus facilities and services to help create positive summer camp experiences. Below are more details on each of the resources that camp directors are able to request as part of their camp.

On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Dining


On-Campus Facilities



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Per Camper Fee:

All camps held at Liberty University are subject to an administrative fee of $3.50 per camper. This is a one-time fee that is associated with the cost of facilitating camps on Liberty’s campus throughout the summer. Camp directors may opt to offset this cost through their camp registration fees if desired.

Next Steps:

If you are still considering hosting a camp at Liberty University, please check out our camp organization steps for Liberty-affiliated & Non-affiliated camps to see the next steps you need to take!

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Liberty-Affiliated GroupsLiberty-Affiliated Groups

Non-Affiliated Groups
Non-Affiliated Groups