Organizing a Camp: Liberty Affiliated

Liberty-affiliated groups include camps managed by our academic departments, Recreation Center, Club Sports, and NCAA coaches. Because these groups are directly associated with the University, they receive certain benefits in terms of pricing for hosting a camp at Liberty University. Liberty affiliated groups are not subject to any sort of rental fee for the use of on-campus facilities during their camps, including the LaHaye Rec and Fitness Center, and receive discounted pricing for both their on-campus housing and dining needs during the summer.

Step 1: Submit a Summer Camp Application through Active Network

Step 2: Sign your Date Contract

Step 3: Set up your camp registration portal through Active Network

Step 4: Schedule a camp meeting with your Summer Camp Coordinator

Step 5: Sign your Final Contract

Step 6: Submit your Certificate of Insurance*

Step 7: Submit your Camp Requisition*

Step 8: Complete your camp roster through Active Network

If you have any questions on these steps, please email