Summer Camp Administration


Jarrod McAninch – Summer Camp Director

Go Tell Ministries, Lifeway Christian Resources


Colin Miller – Summer Camp Assistant Director

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Commonwealth Games


Elizabeth VanderPloeg – Office Manager & Staffing Support


Tess Ritchie – Marketing & Software Support


Summer Camp Managers


Landon Brooks 

Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, Men’s Soccer, Field Hockey, Wrestling 


Colleen Kolsun

Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Film, Art), GenCyber, Aeronautics, Christian Worldview Bootcamp


Sammie Parlier

Snowflex, Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, Cross Country


Peyton Reynolds

Camp Hydaway (TRBC), Soccer Mania, Women’s Soccer


Summer Camp Coordinators


Ben Williamson



Caroline Sweeney

DecideLU, Equestrian


Amber Bishop-Riley

Engineering, Softball


Savannah Pridemore

TeenPact Judicial 



Contact Us!


Any additional questions? Feel free to reach out to our Summer Camps Team at (434) 592-3511 or email at! We can answer questions regarding camp dates, registration, and payment through ACTIVE Network as well as connect you with camp directors for more specific questions about their camps.