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About COVID-19

What is COVID-19?
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
What do I do if I have symptoms of or have been tested (and awaiting results) for COVID-19?
What do I do if I have been in Direct Contact with someone with COVID-19?
How is the virus spread?
Who is considered at high risk for COVID-19?
What are the best ways to prevent COVID-19?
What is the risk?
What is social distancing?
What is the Delta Variant?

General Operations

What will the university do if there is a possible case identified among students, faculty, and staff?
What has Liberty University been doing to prepare?
What additional cleaning measures is the university taking?
What buildings will be open on campus?
What counseling services are available to students?
Is the Food Pantry still available?
How do I get food if I am a residential student in quarantine?


What countries are designated at Level 4 and what does that mean?
What is the university’s advice for students, faculty, or employees with plans to travel?
Will students, faculty, and staff arriving from areas impacted by COVID-19 be quarantined?
Should I self-quarantine, self-isolate, self-monitor, or self-observe?

Staying Healthy

What are steps I can take to remain healthy?
I am concerned I may have been exposed to a person or area affected by the virus. What should I do?

Seeking Medical Care

What steps should I take if I have COVID-19 symptoms?
Who should be tested?