Student Activities to host Yard Sale event

Liberty University is holding its annual Yard Sale event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 1 on the Academic Lawn. 

This event is open to the public and will have over 60 vendors including Bagel & I, Nomad Coffee Company and Mission Thrift.

All vendors will be accepting cash, and Misson Thrift specifically will be accepting donations after the Yard Sale for anything that other vendors do not sell and wish to pass on. The Yard Sale has a wide variety of vendors and items.

Anna Pender, the special events manager for Student Activities, said, “Typically, it’s a lot of clothing items, which is great in today’s thrifting culture. There are always some really good secondhand finds.”

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Pender also said that students sell other items such as journals, pins, knit creations and more. Local businesses from the Lynchburg community will be at this event.

Student Activities hosts the Yard Sale not only to support the community and student businesses but also to host an event that is relevant to the student body. The Yard Sale allows students to be creative while also providing an opportunity for them to make money in an easy and accessible way.

This is helpful because many students have limited budgets and transportation restrictions prohibiting them from selling off campus.

The timing of this event is strategic, as it is planned right before the end of the semester.

“At the end of the year, most students are about to move out of their dorms and may realize that they are heading home with a lot more stuff than they brought to campus,” Pender said.

Pender continued to explain how the Yard Sale is a great opportunity for students to do some spring cleaning before heading home for the summer.

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Additionally, the Yard Sale creates a fun space for students to showcase their creativity and hard work or to walk around and enjoy a cup of coffee and some music.

Registration for this year is now closed, but be on the lookout for when they open again next spring.

“Yard Sale is such a fun event that really creates a space for students to have a fun, relaxing day with friends before everything gets crazy with finals,” Pender said.

Pender shared how special it is to see groups of people who come to just shop but end up staying for the music, food, or ability to even make a new friend at a table. She said that everyone always looks so happy when they are walking around and enjoying the day.    

Nichols is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion 

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