Delegate Wendell Walker presents commendation to Liberty Champion

Virginia Delegate Wendell Walker presented House Resolution No. 213 to the Liberty Champion staff to formally commend the Liberty Champion newspaper April 29 in recognition of the publication’s commitment to journalism and celebration of its 40th anniversary.

“My first classes were in buildings (that) Dr. Falwell would rent around the city, so we have helped build an outstanding university. . . so I’ve been part of this ministry (Liberty University) now for almost 50 years, and it has been a joy watching the miracle of Liberty Mountain . . .,” Walker said.

Walker introduced the resolution to the Virginia General Assembly Feb. 26. According to the resolution, the Virginia House of Delegates approved the commendation March 4 “as an expression of the House of Delegates’ admiration for its service to generations  of Liberty University students and contributions to journalism in the Lynchburg region.”

Photo by Noah Seidlitz (@noahsdslr)

The commendation recognized Deborah Huff’s 28-years as the faculty advisor for the Liberty Champion. Huff retired earlier this year.

“I appreciate that he recognized the newspaper as training champions to go into journalism and many other fields,” Huff said.

Dean of the School of Communication & the Arts Scott Hayes said he is honored by Walker’s commendation and looks forward to how the newspaper will flourish in the years to come.

“I’m so pleased that the Virginia House of Delegates honored Deborah Huff and all past and current staff members for the 40th anniversary,” Hayes said. “By God’s grace, Mrs. Huff shepherded the paper with great compassion and attention to detail, and it is a blessing that Dr. Emily Young, one of Mrs. Huff’s former student staff members, has stepped into the role of director. Looking forward to the next 40 years.”     

Davis is the editor-in-chief for the Liberty Champion


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