Office of Graduate Life hosts workshop about how to combat procrastination

Liberty’s Office of Graduate Life will hold its first workshop of the Graduate Series on Feb. 8 from 4-5:30 p.m. in Montview 2610, right above Starbucks. There will also be a Teams link available online through the Academic Success page on Liberty’s website for students who cannot make it in person.

The workshop is geared toward graduate students, but all students are welcome to attend and learn strategies to combat procrastination and take control of their academic success.

Eli Stewart, associate director of graduate life, is in charge of the graduate workshop series and emphasized the importance of this workshop in particular.

“We hope to prepare grad students for life outside of grad school,” Stewart said. “Part of that is managing your time and efforts in order to be organized and, hopefully, less strained or stressed.”

The workshop is not just an opportunity for students to learn; there will be plenty of time for fellowship, a meal and giveaways.

“We also plan to have intentional time for networking before and after the workshop,” Stewart said. “This workshop is all about equipping students to be the boss of their calendars. We’ll be recognizing any potential bad habits and learning to replace them with more healthy habits.”

Stewart also recognized that time management is something that Christians should be aware of.

“Part of that is managing your time and efforts in order to be organized and, hopefully, less strained or stressed,” Stewart said. “We act as Champions for Christ when we steward our God-given resources well. One of those important resources is our time. This workshop would be a great way to recognize not only the importance of your time but how to manage it in a life-giving way.”

The department chair of the Academic Success Center in CASAS, professor Dan Berkenkemper, will present during the workshop, to give students better insight into tackling procrastination.

The Graduate Series plans to offer a workshop for students every month. The next workshop is on March 7 and will host the Center for Financial Literacy for students to learn budgeting tips.

To learn more about these workshops, visit this website.

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