LU Cackle Hour began to empower students through laughter and improv

Liberty University is home to LU Cackle Hour, a comedic improv club composed of talented students who champion the love of Christ through laughter. 

LU Cackle Hour meets every Sunday in DeMoss Hall to practice and rehearse its comedy skits. During the meetings, members of the club play various improvisational games in order to sharpen their wit and tighten their stomachs.

The improv games played during rehearsal follow specific rules and guidelines, leaving actors to react to each other off-the-cuff. LU Cackle Hour strives to bring a sense of levity to a world occupied with stress and negativity. Its mission is to empower students through laughter.

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“Self-deprecation, negativity, that isn’t what God wants us to do. We bring positive energy to the space,” senior Christian Manwell, upcoming president of LU Cackle Hour, said. “Jesus want(s) us to bring ourselves up, not in negative ways, (but) to laugh at ourselves and accept ourselves for all our quirks.”

Manwell will succeed former president Lillian Good, and he plans to flesh out the club’s repertoire with improv theory. Manwell is a computer programming major and firmly believes that anyone can be funny. 

“There’s a lot of funny people out there, people who should be in improv,” Manwell said. “I don’t think you have to be any specific type of person to be good at improv.” 

The members of LU Cackle Hour have a close bond. 

“If you can’t trust me outside of improv,  you can’t trust me in improv,” Manwell said. “We always say, ‘If you want to look good, make everyone else look good.’” 

Aside from growing a strong bond with each other, the members of LU Cackle Hour build the confidence of those involved. 

Photo by Hannah Jones

“It gives students an opportunity to serve others and make them laugh,” Manwell said. “All while gaining experience in public speaking and being on stage.”

To join LU Cackle Hour, students should attend the upcoming auditions Feb. 11 at 5 p.m. in DeMoss Hall 1286.

“Chances are if you think you’re funny, you’ll probably get in,” Manwell said.

According to Manwell, students who attend an LU Cackle Hour show can expect 90 minutes of the unexpected. 

“Don’t worry about having to understand anything,” Manwell said. “Just show up and expect to laugh.” 

There are two upcoming comedy shows this semester that will take place in late March. For more information, follow LU Cackle Hour on its Instagram @lu_cackle.

Richards is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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