Student-led prayer group furthers its mission for revival on campus

Every weekday at 6 a.m., a dedicated group of students assembles in DeMoss to fervently pray for Liberty University and other subjects they believe the Lord has placed on their hearts, whether globally or within the local Lynchburg community.

Last fall, Bennett Newman, a graduate of the Discipleship Training Program within Youth with a Mission, sensed a divine calling to initiate a prayer revival at Liberty. Before starting the prayer movement, Newman traveled around America to visit different prayer places and find efficient and effective ways to lead prayer groups.

The group is structured as an hour-long meeting in which the first 30 minutes focus on worship and the last 30 on prayer in small groups. Each day of the prayer group has a different set of prayer points, but the mission of praying for the entire student body still remains at the forefront of the Dwelling Place.

The prayer points are first given to the small groups, and then from there, the groups focus on praying for as long as they feel the Lord is leading. Each prayer point correlates with Scripture as well. The prayer style ranges from a casual “popcorn” approach to a more structured style, depending on the day and the group’s discernment of the Lord’s leading.

The group’s daily prayer meetings have fostered a sense of biblical community among the participants. Every individual from the Dwelling Place has been able to grow in their relationship with the Lord while also actively praying for those in need on a consistent basis.

Ethan Houk, a sophomore at Liberty, helps lead the prayer meetings. Houk described how his experience with the group has positively impacted him, especially within the community he has been able to form through the Dwelling Place.

“The biggest thing is the community,” Houk said. “People are real. They don’t put on a facade of ‘Everything is okay.’”

Liberty’s foundation was rooted in prayer. Even before the campus construction began, Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. took a walk around the bare property and prayed over every single step he took. The Dwelling Place is tapping into the strength of this prayerful legacy to reintroduce and reenergize a movement of prayer here at Liberty.

“The Lord has really blessed our movement with that, people who are burdened to pray,” Houk said. “This group of people has burdens to see people know the Lord.”

Any student who feels called to consistent prayer or who is searching for a godly community can attend a prayer meeting. The group holds these meetings on the third floor of DeMoss, right outside the Alumni Ballroom.

“You’re never expected. You’re always welcome and no matter your decision, you’re always loved,” Newman said.

 More information on the Dwelling Place can be found on Instagram.

Barnhart is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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