Staff Good Goodbyes

Kristen Pace

Who knew when I said yes to this job a year ago, I would now be leaving with so many cherished memories and some very dear friends. I did not know at the moment that I was making memories which would last well beyond my college career. But now, as I look to the horizon of what is next, I realize that’s just what I did. When I first accepted this position, I felt like I did not belong. I was not a journalism major or a writing major. I was just a history major who liked to write articles.

On that first production day, the collective struggle of all of us new hires working until 10 p.m. helped us bond. Now, a year later, we still stay till 10 p.m. (just kidding — mostly). But seriously, that is what I will miss the most: the people. When you spend hours on production Mondays together, you get close. From late-night Monopoly games, exploring Washington D.C., friends almost burning my dorm down to the quote board which always stayed filled, I made core college memories and lasting friendships. But like the saying goes, how lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so difficult. Also, Pope Gru must never be removed from his foundation.

Rachel Wineman

Over a year ago, I, through sheer happenstance, started working at the Champion. This job came about unexpectedly, but it became one of the most influential and moving parts of my life. Every single person I have met here has inspired, motivated and blessed my life through the wisdom, work ethic and genuine joy I found in every person I met. Writers, by nature, tend to be rather profound, and I found that to be no exception in working here. Each one of my coworkers displays so much passion in their work. Along with their wonderful writing, I’ve never found people with more passion for life.

My love for this job is in the crazy, long hours that lead to hilarious and sometimes questionable attempts to retain our sanity throughout the creation of each week’s paper. I now have PTSD from hearing the Taco Bell noise, and I learned that office broom golf is stupendous. I learned that asking certain sports editors to follow AP Style is taken as a challenge and that our photographers need energy drinks and way, way more sleep. But mostly, I learned that the Christ-like character in each of these people is life-changing, and I am so thankful for all of them.



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