Al Mohler and Tony Evans give inspirational Convo speeches

Liberty University started off the first Convocations of November and Homecoming week by welcoming two speakers to the stage: Al Mohler and Tony Evans.

Chancellor Jonathan Falwell started Convocation on Wednesday, Nov. 1 by lifting up Liberty freshman Reuben Hilton, who was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia, in prayer. 

Next, Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was introduced to the audience with a short video showing the influence he has had on students lives. 

Mohler began by opening the Bible to the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16. He dove into the meaning of the “Great Reversal,” a term used in biblical theology. 

“There are patterns of the Great Reversal in the Old Testament. You think you have everything; well, you’re about to have nothing. Those who have nothing but trust God end up with everything,” Mohler said. 

Mohler noted the importance of understanding how horrifying hell is and how the rich man talks of the torment it brings. Mohler emphasized that the rich man had everything in life but was in torment, while Lazarus had nothing on Earth but was comforted in heaven and seated by Abraham.

He discussed how salvation comes to those who call upon the name of the Lord and confess Jesus as their savior. Mohler emphasized that those who have not received him will not be able to after death.

“There is no postmortem opportunity,” Mohler said. “There’s not another chance after death.” 

He ended his time by stressing that the rich man was too late to accept the gift of salvation, but God’s people still have the chance to receive everlasting life. 

Then, during Convocation on Friday, Nov. 3, Head Football Coach Jamey Chadwell asked students to “come out, be loud (and) be proud” at the Homecoming game that took place Nov. 4. After worship, President Dondi Costin took to the stage to discuss the weekend’s upcoming Homecoming events. 

Next, Liberty basketball player, J.C. Shrier, introduced his grandfather, Pastor Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Evans took the stage and expressed his excitement to speak at Liberty. 

“They called me and asked me if I believed in free speech. I said yes; they said come give one,” Evans said. “So, I’m very, very grateful to be here with you today.” 

Evans began his speech by stating how people often want to skip to the next phase in life so badly that they forget to be content with their present life. 

“You’ve never gotten to realize your creator’s reason for your being,” Evans said. “And so you’ll live your life like the flicker of a candle rather than like the brilliance of the new day’s sun.” 

Evans made the point that God created his people for a divine purpose. He discussed Acts 13:36, which states that we are created to serve the Lord and his purpose. Evans said that anything God wants us to do, even in our job field, is to serve the purpose of God and represent him. His wife unexpectedly passed away in 2019, and the loss reminded him of the uncertainty of time.

“You don’t know what your time is, so now is the time to maximize time, for the reuse of time, for the glory of God, for why he has placed you in time,” Evans said. So now you must maximize your time for his eternal purpose.”

Abilities, experiences and passions are three things that Evans said can lead a person to their purpose in life. Opportunity follows purpose, and God is waiting for people to find their purpose so he can give them opportunity, Evans stressed. 

Evans ended his speech by referencing the movie “The Matrix,” in which the main character, Neo, is offered a blue or red pill. The blue pill would allow him to return to normal life with no memory of being offered a choice, but the red pill would allow him to discover more about the truth of his dystopian reality.

Evans tied the reference to the rest of his sermon by offering the audience two options: a blue pill that offers an ordinary life and a red pill that offers an extraordinary life that serves the purposes of God and leads to the reward promised to his people. 

“God bless you, and I hope you pick up the red pill,” Evans said before exiting the stage.

Denny is the special assignments reporter for the Liberty Champion

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