Fall Fest returns: Live music, activities and more

A slight breeze blows and whispers a reminder that fall is on its way. The color orange bounces from pumpkin to pumpkin, and the smell of hay wafts through the air. Laughter fills the air as students from all around campus gather to usher in the new season. It’s time for sweaters, pumpkin spice and falling leaves.  

Student Activities (SA) will host its annual Fall Fest at Hydaway Saturday, Sept. 30 starting at 5:30 p.m. The event will include pumpkins for painting, hayrides, food-eating contests and much more. SA Assistant Director Jordan Kreitzinger will organize this event.

“We try to plan this event around the time that the weather starts feeling more like fall,” Kreitzinger said. “This shift gets a lot of students excited, and we want to be able to help make them feel at home during a time when the fall weather can make students feel homesick.” 

Fall Fest will celebrate its 13-year anniversary and allow Liberty students to welcome the fall season with happy memories.  

“We know that fall is so much more than a season to a lot of people, but a lifestyle, so we wanted to bring all those feelings into one event,” Kreitzinger said. 

Not only will Fall Fest encapsulate all things fall, but the event will also provide live music. For junior Emma Jordan, although not a stranger to Fall Fest, this will be her first time performing live.  

“I have taught line dancing at Fall Fest before,” Jordan said. “However, this will be my first time performing through my music.”  

Jordan has grown up with a passion for singing, and she loves to share her God-given talent with her fellow students.  

“I’ve been singing my whole life,” Jordan said. “To be able to sing and perform at all in any venue or event is an honor, and my prayer is always, ‘Lord, be glorified in everything I do.’ He is the one that gave me the gift, so having the opportunity to use it is a blessing, and he gets the glory.”  

As someone who has performed in many other Liberty events, including Coffeehouse, Jordan plans to embrace the season in her own way through this event.

“I’m thankful they asked me to come back and sing,” Jordan said. “The band that plays with me is amazing. They are the most talented group and they are so kind to jump in (and) play with me again.”  

  For more information, visit the Student Activities website.

Teel is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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