Local farm prepares to open fields for strawberry picking and family fun

As the summer season approaches, Yoders’ Farm offers the adventure of hunting for ripe red strawberries in its rows and rows of strawberry beds.  

According to its website, Yoders’ will most likely open up its strawberry fields in early May. The farm offers what it calls “pick-your-own patches” where families can come and enjoy a day of collecting strawberries straight from the vine. 

Yoders’ Farm was established in 1952 when Ernest Yoder first moved to the Rustburg area. He began milking cows and farming row crops. In 1994, he handed the farm to his son Delvin Yoder. Many people started coming to Yoders’ for its dairy and produce and to tour the farm with family and friends. 

In Yoders’ first greenhouse, Delvin began growing hydroponic tomatoes, which is one of the farm’s most popular produce item. These tomatoes are in season through the winter up until midsummer. Strawberries are planted in the fall, and the patch opens the following May and June for visitors to come pick their own strawberries.

Once strawberry season is over, pumpkins make way for autumn. The pumpkin picking usually starts in late September and continues through the month of October. The fall months are filled with exciting things at the farm, especially the corn maze and hayrides, which are a favorite among visitors. 

Barbara Yoder, Delvin’s wife, runs The Farm Store, which is open for most of the year. Throughout the seasons, the store holds many different produce items like tomatoes and strawberries as well as packaged goods such as jams, jellies, pickles, honey and more.

Yoders’ has seen much growth in its agritourism since it first started. Though each season is filled with different produce and events, there is always something going on at Yoders’ Farm throughout the year. 

“We believe local produce is an important part of the food chain and connects farmers with consumers at a level that builds trust. In addition, sourcing your food from a local farm is also educational and provides an experience children can learn from,” Delvin Yoder said. 

Yoders’ also has its own podcast. The podcast started as an effort to provide answers for frequently asked questions by people in the community. The podcast has a very “homegrown” sense and includes discussion of many different topics, usually revolving around current activities and events at the farm.

Today, Yoders’ Farm is owned and operated by Delvin and his son Lowell, along with their wives Barbara and Juanita. 

“Our goal as a family is to emulate the godly heritage we have received as well as to continue serving as stewards of this piece of Campbell County ground that they were glad to call home,” its website said.

See Yoders’ website for more information on the upcoming events and activities or its Instagram page @yodersfarm. 

Ferre is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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