Student opinion – Let’s examine the college revival at Asbury

A regular chapel service broke out in an unexpected revival on Feb. 8 at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. The news of this revival rings through Christian conversations, especially on college campuses and even across media outlets. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that many colleges from states like Indiana, Illinois and Massachusetts have sent students to the revival at Asbury in support of the Holy Spirit’s work.

Some conversations have centered around the validity of the revival — if the worship of the revival is organic or if the whole thing is a publicity stunt composed for the sake of TikTok views and news articles. On this campus, some students have questioned why nothing like the soaring revival in Kentucky has come here. 

Addressing these questions, the believer should immediately search Scripture for a biblical reaction. A mature follower of Christ will avoid the acknowledgement of feelings before exploring the word. Passages like 1 Corinthians 13:7 and Philippians 1:18 come to mind that challenge believers to give the benefit of the doubt and be satisfied with the results.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” — 1 Corinthians 13:7

Love believes all things. Giving the revival the benefit of the doubt holds weight regarding its validity. 

Philippians 1:18 and a few verses beforehand explain that even while false teachers may preach the gospel, Paul even found some satisfaction considering either way: “in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed.”

Even if the revival proves every doubt true, at least they preached the gospel.

God never intended for believers to become skeptics. His desire continues to show that believers should believe before they doubt, especially in the context of another group of proclaimed believers. Within the revival, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to doubt. People have shared the gospel and testimonies leading to the salvation of many students. Students are also actively praying for one another.

Beginning at Asbury University, the revival spread through other colleges as well. CBN reported breakouts of prayer and worship at Cedarville University and Samford University. Relevant Magazine also reported two other colleges experienced a revival as well.

Last Tuesday, Dr. Thomas White, the president of Cedarville University, posted on Facebook, “We are sending our students out to other universities to share the Gospel.”

White also requested prayer for wisdom and genuine hearts as the revival continues.

On Feb. 17, Jonathan Falwell, the campus pastor at Liberty University, said people asked him why Liberty hasn’t done anything similar to Asbury. He responded, “You don’t do something like that; God does something like that.”

God plans revivals. No one can place the Spirit on a schedule and casually or purposefully plan a revival. Proverbs 16 places the plans of man in the right position. Man’s plans compared to God’s hold no ground. Every believer has the right to humbly request and beg God for revival, as Liberty and its students do regularly. But God will choose the best time for anything he wants. 

For Liberty University, that time isn’t now, but perhaps tomorrow, next week or next year. Either way, God remains faithful, and his purposes for his people will be completed according to his plan.

DuVall is the opinion editor for the Liberty Champion. Follow him on Twitter


  • After hearing the news of this revival continuing, as a resident of Lynchburg, my first thought was, I wonder if Liberty is doing this, and if so, can I join in? I don’t know about any of those reading this, but with everything going on in our country, so many worried about how much longer they can afford to feed their children, make mortgage payments, or pay their rent, and what catastrophic event we’ll be bombarded with next, I’m looking for things to renew my faith, strengthen it, and give me hope that God hasn’t turned from us, and still wants us to succeed. What better way to accomplish this than choosing to provide a place @ Liberty for area people to come together and share their faith in God and help strengthen those whose faith is waning?

  • This is very well put. I don’t believe I have heard a better explanation than this after reading and watching so much about this event.
    I am a former online student of Liberty and was wondering how this was affecting this school I can see through this commentary that ” when God is ready for it at Liberty it will be there”. I went to Asbury to see what was happening there. I went with skepticism but also with an open heart. There is something going on that I don’t believe is in any way fake but is truly genuine. A full-blown revival I’m not sure…. but an outpouring of God to move his people toward revival that I am sure of.
    I pastor a small southern Baptist Church and it has impacted us to really pray, seek and ask God for His favor. The one thing I took away from all of this is the desperation and hunger that people have for this. Let’s remain hopeful and positive and wait for God to do what He wants when He wants and where He wants. God Bless you all.

  • I like the attitude behind this article, particularly the statements that God doesn’t intend us to be skeptics (although we should still be wise!), and your campus pastor’s comment that revival comes from God, not human effort. I am a graduate of Asbury Seminary, so I know the town and history. I am so excited that the students and others are able to really have a taste of the goodness of God in this special outpouring. And I encourage you and all Liberty students to remain prayerful and hopeful…God delights in pouring Himself on all hungry hearts! I believe revival WILL go to Liberty U as well, as long as there are hungry hearts calling out for His Presence! Praying with you for it!

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