LU graduate and biologist speaks on human origins and creationism

Science is often thought of as antithetical to religion, but Christian scientists work to prove the opposite. Last week, students gathered to hear biologist and LU alumnus, Dr. Todd Wood, speak at an event hosted by the Center for Creation Studies. 

Wood earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Virginia and currently holds the position of president at the Core Academy of Science in Dayton, Tennessee. He also co-hosts the podcast “Let’s Talk Creation” and is the author of many peer-reviewed articles and books on Young Earth Creationism. 

“I’ve been obsessed with human fossils for a very long time, and after a detour into biochem, I have arrived back at my obsession. My career has truly come full circle,” Wood explained.

He was inspired to think critically about this topic as he realized that the image of God is not found in a tangible item such as a single tooth, stone tool or bone. His realization fueled his research as he began to look further into the realm of human fossil research.

“It is easy to distinguish human from ape. Humans descended from Adam and Eve, while animals did not,” Wood said.

Wood spoke about the fossil record and the evolution of humankind. His discussion centered around one main question: How does the evolutionary process found in the fossil record point us to the idea that mankind was created in the image of God?

An image bearer is described as the physical representation of God through us, as his creation. Dr. Wood shares that we must understand the image of God as a theological concept rather than looking for it (physically) in the fossil record. 

“If we are going to reflect (God) well (in) creation, then we need to look at the attributes that allow us to be able to reflect him well,” Wood said. 

The two main attributes Wood discussed were the abilities as humans to be intelligent and relational. He then continued to share specific traits illustrated within the fossil record that suggest the level of capacity and cognition that reflect the image of God. 

Some other attributes he talked through included the controlled use of fire, sophistication of tools and the use of art or decorations, to name a few. 

Freshman and zoology major Jessie Vestal attended the lecture for  her History of Life class.

“Dr. Wood was an informative speaker,” Vestal said, describing what she thought of the lecture. “(He) helped me develop a deeper understanding of creationism and science. The way he presented his research was engaging and did not demean differing opinions on creationism or other origin view points.”

Overall, Wood concluded his lecture to say that the level of cognition demonstrated in these discoveries in the fossil record point to the divine image of God within humankind.

Though the secular world argues that science disproves creation, Wood’s lecture disagrees. According to Wood, science is a tool to understanding creation, not a substitute for it.

Ferree is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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