African ISC Open House

Nigeria moi moi, woven baskets and talking drums — students enjoyed all these different things and more on Feb. 21 when the International Student Center hosted an African Open
House event.

From 12-4 p.m., students learned about the African culture and had fun while doing so. Students joined the fun and walked around from table to table, immersing themselves in African culture. 

A common favorite activity was sampling all the food. Some dishes included Nigeria moi moi, Nigeria puff-puff and
Egyptian koshari.

Along with the food tables was a table displaying African woven baskets and talking drums.

David Shin, an international student advisor, said the primary goal of this event was to encourage Liberty students to learn about cultures represented in the student body. 

“This will truly allow the students to increase their cultural intelligence, which will help immensely as they interact with international students at LU and when they go out to the world,” Shin said. 

According to multiple students, the event fostered connection between students from the U.S. and other nations. 

Two Liberty freshmen, Nyah Gray and Faith Vranes, have attended a couple of the events held by the ISC and plan to
attend more.

“I think it’s a good way to help the students that have come from other cultures and different parts of the world still feel at home and still have that community here when they’re away from their community back home,” Vranes said.

It can be difficult for students to be far away from home while at college, so the ISC helps them feel welcome. These events bring international students a taste of home. 

Graduate students Camila Roldan Hernandez and Miebaka Roberts found a way to expand their friendship at the event. Roberts is from Nigeria, so he taught Hernandez about multiple aspects of African culture.

Hernandez from Columbia enjoys trying new cuisines and learning about new cultures. She believes it brings people from all different backgrounds together into one community. 

“You get to learn about other cultures. You learn about their food, you learn about their community and you also grow together,” Hernandez said. 

The ISC holds many events throughout the semester, including more open houses like this one representing other cultures. According to Shin, events like these receive about 200-300 students.

Students can expect a Canadian Open House and a Caribbean Open House in the next few months. The ISC hosts many other events like this, the most popular being the “Taste of Nations” in the fall semester.

“We do recommend students to attend that one and have a taste of the food and culture from 23 nations. Usually, 3,000-5,000 people come join the event,” Shin said about the “Taste of Nations.”

Information about future events hosted by the ISC can be found on its Instagram page, @luinternationalstudents, or through their website

Giroux is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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