Colony House performs at the Vines Center

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Liberty University opened the Vines Center doors to students, College For A Weekend visitors and Lynchburg residents on Nov. 11 to produce its biggest concert of the year. 

In the event organized by Student Activities, Liberty welcomed the band Colony House and rapper Hulvey to perform on the Vines Center stage in front of an expanded audience. 

Jordan Kreitzinger, the assistant director of Student Activities, said this opportunity to take a break from schoolwork while staying on campus is one of the main reasons Student Activities holds these events. 

“You obviously go to college to learn, but you need time to break away from the stress of school,” Kreitzinger said. “We offer students the opportunity to escape the stresses of their lives as students for a few hours.”

Students who attended the concert also appreciated the fact that Liberty holds concerts like this right on campus. Junior Joshua Huffman attended the concert said that having these events offers a great and convenient time for him and other students.

“The fact that you can go to these concerts … is so great. You can even get food on campus before you go,” Huffman said. “I’m so glad that we have such a great arena and university that is able to put on cool events like this.”

As the concert kicked off at 7:30 p.m., a Student Activities event host introduced the opening act for the show: Christian rapper and Reach Records signee, Hulvey. Hulvey started the show by playing some of his most popular songs, including “Can’t Tell It All” and “Where The Love Go?” Hulvey progressively ramped up the crowd and energized the concertgoers, eventually getting all of Vines Center to raise their phone flashlights for a song. 

Hulvey wrapped his opening act by sharing the gospel and that he has “nothing without Jesus.” The rapper received a standing ovation as he left the stage, and after a brief 15-minute pause for restaging, the main act Colony House took the
Vines Center stage.

Colony House began its concert with flashing red lights, a heavy smoke screen and close-up visuals shown on the Vines Center jumbotron screens. The band opened its concert with a booming performance of its newly released single, “Cannonballers,” which is the title track from its upcoming album, “The Cannonballers.” The band quickly transitioned into an hourlong set of material, which included new songs, unreleased music from its upcoming album and hits from previous albums like “You Know It” and “You & I.” 

The band played for the audience with few breaks between songs, but the crowd roared during the short pauses, nonetheless. A vibrant, standing floor section of students jumped and headbanged to the music, and the bowl of the Vines Center was equally enthusiastic. As the band left the stage, the crowd roared with applause.

Junior Jenna Engel said that being able to attend the show with friends was one of the best parts of the show.

“I think there’s a lot of community available at shows like this,” Engel said. “Being able to come with friends and build community opens doors to grow closer together and to grow closer to Christ together.”

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