Student Opinion: Youngkin’s new transgender rules are a step in the right direction

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin recently announced new rules concerning how public schools deal with transgender youth. The rules specify that children in schools must use the bathroom and locker room that corresponds to their biological sex. Additionally, teachers must refer to these children by the name listed on their birth certificate and their biological pronouns unless express permission is given by parents to the contrary. 

These rules are just the first step in the right direction for the commonwealth of Virginia. The fact that we have gotten to a place in society where people believe they can change their gender or sex is absolutely absurd, and the fact that it is now being pushed onto younger and younger children is disgusting and frightening. Youngkin’s rules make nothing but sense. 

One of the biggest reasons Youngkin was elected in the first place was over the issue of transgender students using bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex. Do not forget the story of the young Loudoun County teen who was raped and assaulted multiple times by a disturbed boy claiming to be a transgender girl. The schools in the county did nothing to stop this, and when the father tried to bring it up at a school board meeting, he was arrested,  rather than the sick individual who abused his daughter. 

Biological males should not use the same bathrooms or compete in the same sports as biological females. The fact that we even have to specify the term “biological” now is an incredible shame. I am fully supportive of these new rules, and I hope this is just the beginning. 

The transgender ideology needs to be challenged with full force. God created us male and female, and any attempt on our part to challenge that is a rejection of God’s perfect design. Even the idea of listing the pronouns you “identify” with such as “she/her” or “he/him” is giving legitimacy to an illegitimate ideology, and Christians should not partake in this practice.  

Youngkin should expand on these upcoming rules to not only specify that students should use the bathroom or locker room of their biological sex, but that student athletes should only be allowed to compete against athletes of their same biological sex. Additionally, the governor needs to work alongside the state legislature to take aim at the practice of allowing children to go through dangerous gender transition surgeries. The trans ideology has taken aim at our children, and we need to fight back against it. 

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh recently exposed how the Vanderbilt University Medical Center was performing irreversible gender transitions on minors, calling the practice a “huge moneymaker.” After backlash, Vanderbilt announced it would be pausing and reviewing the practice. Lawmakers in Tennessee are now investigating these actions and considering legislation to ban them. 

Youngkin and the Virginia legislature should do the same. These surgeries are incredibly dangerous, and the medication used has often had irreversible effects. The medication often used as “puberty blockers” is the same medication used for chemical castration for criminals. 

This is wrong. Children are precious and sacred, and they should not be forced or encouraged to go through these life-threatening and life-altering surgeries. We cannot allow these practices to go on any longer, and I am calling on Youngkin to push additional legislation to ban minors from being able to go through gender transition surgeries or use puberty blocking medication. 

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