David Platt on Global Focus Week

On the evening of Sept. 28, Campus Community opened with two songs by Shane & Shane: “O Praise the Name of the Lord our God” and a verse of “Come Let Us Adore Him.” 

At the conclusion of these songs, David Platt, a Christian evangelist, missionary and pastor who spoke at Convocation earlier that day, shared another vital message on the theology of missions — a fitting topic for Global Focus Week.

With this discussion of missions, Platt outlined four truths, three problems and four actions for Christians to learn to have a better understanding of missions. The focus for these truths, problems and actions is rooted in Revelations 5:1-10 and Revelations 7:9-17. Through the belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, he said anyone can find eternal life with God, and this is the gospel. Since this news is so good, Platt said it is the audience’s job to share it with the world so everyone can believe in Jesus, be forgiven and find eternal life. 

The first truth discussed was that “the ultimate goal of God is his glory enjoyed and exalted among the nations.” The second truth was “the ultimate goal of every Christian is to enjoy and exalt God’s glory among all nations.” The third truth was “God’s plan for the accomplishment of this goal is the Great Commission.” The final truth was that “the Great Commission is not a general command to make as many disciples as possible. The Great Commission is a specific command to make disciples among all nations.” 

David Platt speaks at Convocation, during Global Focus Week, in the Vines Center on September 28, 2022. (Photo by: Chase Gyles)

Platt reminded the audience that as Christians they are called to recognize these truths and their job is to live out the Great Commission and reach the unreached. These truths become even more essential when examined against his three main problems. 

The first problem was that “over 3 billion people are currently unreached by the gospel.” The second problem was that “the church is practically ignoring the people and places most unreached by the gospel.” The final main problem Platt explored was “the number of unreached people is higher today than ever before and will continue to increase until followers of Jesus decide to live differently.” 

Platt said these three pressing issues that are ever growing in today’s world are why it is essential that Christians remember the truth about Christianity and the mission we are called to complete. 

Platt furthered this discussion by giving four actions Christians can take to combat these problems and recognize these truths. The first action was to “pray passionately for the spread of the gospel among all the nations, especially the unreached.” The second action was to “give sacrificially for the spread of the gospel among all nations.” The third action was to “go and make disciples of all nations, especially the unreached, wherever you live and wherever you go.” The final action highlighted by Platt was to “worship like you’re living and dying to see Revelations 5 and 7 become reality.” 

Platt asked the audience to consider how they are living where they are now. He reminded them that they did not have to go overseas but could share the gospel here among the reached, so they might find a personal relationship with Christ. Platt reminded the audience that the essence of missions comes back to an individual’s heart and willingness to go where the Lord leads to fulfill the Great Commission. 

“We have been given so much,” Platt said. “Not so we can store up treasures that are all going to burn up in the end… ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ You want your heart to be where God’s heart is, so start putting your treasure to the spreading of the gospel.”

After concluding this powerful message, Platt called Shane & Shane back to the stage, and they sang “Is He Worthy.” 

While this was the conclusion to the formal Campus Community gathering, the night did not end there as Shane & Shane recorded brand new songs live for their next album, and all Liberty students in attendance could enjoy this time of worship and reflect on Platt’s final call of action to “worship like you’re living and dying to see Revelations 5 and 7 become reality.”

Auld is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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