From Planned Parenthood to pro-life, Abby Johnson shares her story at Convocation

Abby Johnson, a pro-life activist, spoke at Convocation Sept. 9 to tell about her experiences with abortion as a young college kid and how sin can creep into our lives. She encouraged Liberty University students not to compromise and stand up for Christ. 

“Sin comes into your life one compromise, one justification, one lie at a time,” Johnson said. 

Johnson talked about how it started with immodesties in speech, dress and the way she carried herself around others. She hoped that with these things she would gather the attention that she desired. While she did get what she wanted at the moment, it cost her in the long run. Before she realized it, she had two abortions herself and oversaw around 22,000 abortions while working at Planned Parenthood. 

“Our society today is trying to use you,” Johnson said. “They are trying to use your compassion. They are trying to say things to you, like ‘abortion is the compassionate choice for women.’”

Johnson further explained how pro-abortionists prey on students by appealing to their emotions, using false dilemmas and fallacies to attack them and convince them that abortion and other sins are good. She said they use the reality of a very small percentage to represent the masses in order to confuse and make Christians doubt their own beliefs.

Johnson also spoke on what made her change her ways and how helping with one ultrasound abortion made her rethink the choices she had made up to that point. 

“I stood there looking at that ultrasound screen, looking at that monitor, and I watched as the suction tube went into that uterus of that woman,” Johnson said. “I watched this tiny, perfectly-formed human be torn into pieces.”

She also further described how the baby resisted as soon as the suction tube touched it. Johnson realized in that moment that she was not working in the interest of women but rather overseeing the murder of babies who deserve to live. From then on, she turned her life around and has been supporting women in choosing life over having an abortion.

Johnson urged students to make wise choices and follow God, and to not make choices that would lead down the same path she had gone. Toward the end of Convocation, she mentioned how most people listening might not see themselves in that situation, but it does not take much to push them over the edge. 

“You may be looking at me saying, ‘That could never happen to me, I could never have an abortion, I would never work in an abortion clinic,’” Johnson said. “You are all just one sin away from walking down the path that I walked down, and it is not the path that you want.”

Johnson encouraged students not to be deceived by those who make a certain lifestyle seem glamourous, as it will leave them filled with regret later in life. She told students to follow Christ rather than give in to the sins that will seep into their lives ever so slowly until they destroy them.

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