Catholic representation on Liberty’s campus

Students on Liberty’s campus represent a multitude of denominations across the Christian faith. However, a focus on God and community compose the beliefs of each student.

One such way to foster community in specific denominations is through clubs such as Catholic Campus Ministries (CCM), which became an approved club in 2017. The CCM club exists to foster the spiritual growth of Catholics and non-Catholic Christians alike on campus, according to its page on Liberty’s website. 

CCM also increases denominational literacy and diversity on campus, allowing those of like-minded faith to come together. 

Kayla Serratore, the director of CCM at Liberty, said the similarities of the Catholic faith with that of a different denomination should be a focus of conversation instead of the differences.  

“Many people question why I attended Liberty,” Serratore said. “I was shocked to hear people question my relationship with Christ just because I was Catholic. I learned that there are so many similarities in our faith. It’s important to recognize that we’re your brothers and sisters in Christ, and that you don’t need to nitpick our faith decisions … It’s a wild concept that some other denominations choose not to drink or dance, but that doesn’t make you any less Christian.” 

The CCM also exists to hold numerous events throughout the semester, including ones that foster opportunities for Catholics and non-Catholics to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith. In addition, the club also meets twice a week for a Bible study and prayer, according to its page. 

One of the best parts about Liberty for Serratore was seeing her faith grow through the constant discussions she had about Christ. 

“Here, you have to think about why you believe what you believe,” Serratore said. “Most of our students, if they stay with CCM, grow exponentially in their faith.”

In the future, Kayla hopes the club’s focus on God will continue to allow students to acknowledge their differences while keeping their similarities in the spotlight. Thanks to clubs like CCM, students at Liberty are able to gain a greater understanding of their faith and the beliefs of those around them. 

The CCM club will hold its Stump The Priest event Oct. 3 in DeMoss Hall 1284 at 6:30 p.m. This event will allow students to participate in a question-and-answer session with a Catholic priest. 

For more information about the CCM, visit its home page.

Sarah Tate is the Editor-in-Chief of the Liberty Champion. Follow her on Twitter @state2151

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  • Joseph M. Ott ,a.s.,b.a.,m.a.,c.c.h.

    The more diversity the better I a pleased to see all faiths attend Liberty University As devote Roman Catholic I am glad Catholic students are welcomed and have positive college experience at Liberty University

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