Liberty Dean appointed to governor’s panel

For the third time, the dean of Liberty University’s School of Business, Dr. Dave Brat, has been named to Virginia’s Joint Advisory Board of Economists, this time by Gov. Glenn Youngkin. 

Brat, along with 14 other economic and business experts from diverse backgrounds, will help shape the state budget by analyzing Virginia’s revenue forecasts. He formerly served in the same position with Govs. Tim Kaine and Bob McDonnell before also serving in the U.S. Congress, representing Virginia’s 7th district from 2014-18.

Through this opportunity, Brat hopes to show how God is the Creator of the laws of economics just as much as he is the Creator of the laws of physics. He also hopes to forward Jesus’s prayer for the kingdom to come on earth as in heaven, a heavy responsibility for every Christian to bear. 

“On a personal and spiritual level, serving on this panel is a part of my calling,” Brat said. “Sometimes people think economics and public policy is just theoretical. This opportunity is great because students get to see a lifetime of academic work manifest into something truly important.” 

Some other notable appointees include University of Virginia economics professor Ed Burton, David Kohl, professor emeritus of agriculture and applied economics at Virginia Tech and Sonya Ravindranath Waddell, the vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. 

“I’m proud to appoint these dedicated individuals,” the governor said in an interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Their work will move our commonwealth into the future and help create a best in-class government.” 

Brat wants to use this position to serve the people of Virginia and to apply his Judeo-Christian worldview and biblical principles in the public sphere. 

“Getting to link my Judeo-Christian worldview to economics and policy and be a ‘man in the arena’ is a great challenge, and God provides us with his support and grace to make life great as we try to glorify God,” Brat said. “It’s very humbling.”

AUSTIN is a news reporter.

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