the tutoring center gives advice on how to prepare for upcoming finals

Imagine a warm breeze brushing your skin. Picture the sunset. Dream of a hot day full of ice cream sandwiches. Now stop imagining. It’s finals week, not summer. You’re likely sitting at a desk, cramming for your next exam. 

While your brain may be feeling fried, here are some easy study tips to implement. 

The first key to studying is finding what works for you. All of the tutors and peer mentors at Liberty University’s tutoring center have different methods that could be a fit for you. 

Sadie Blue, an engineering major and a tutor for Calculus and Analytical Geometry 1, said she studies by continuously practicing problems. 

“Complete the actual problems that will be on the tests and quizzes, not only going over the concepts, but actually practice solving the actual problems,” she said.

Colton Fox, an academic peer mentor for the College of Applied Studies and Academic Success, utilizes Quizlet and physical    note cards. 

“Writing something down helps me remember,” he said.        

Anna Ponder, a nursing major and Patho-Physiology tutor, has found that compiling everything she needs to know helps       her study. 

“Find out how your brain works and how it grasps the materials presented to you,” Ponder said. “For myself, I take multiple sources and put them all together. Textbooks, notes, PowerPoints all into one big happy family.”  

Tutors, friends and classmates can also be beneficial. 

Ponder and Blue had to become experts in every subject they tutored. 

“I was able to keep learning and even enhance my prior knowledge of the topic,” Ponder explained.  

“I’ve enjoyed being a tutor,” Blue said. “It’s not only rewarding to help others succeed and understand concepts, but it also     increases your knowledge of the subject.”

Blue continued to explain that it’s a good idea to identify what class is most important to study for and then focus the most on those classes.

“It is so beneficial to schedule your months out,” Fox added. “Our brains cannot hold all the information we think it can. Scheduling every class, homework assignment, lunch meet up helps one’s mental capacity be free from remembering every little thing.”

While you may not have months to schedule out, you can lighten your mental load by writing everything out you need to get done. It is also helpful to rewatch lectures and go to the internet for any areas your professor did not explain in a way that was easy for you to understand. 

“Anything visual also helps me comprehend the material more,” Ponder said. 

She added that she watches YouTube videos to help her study. Remember that the semester is over in a week. Finish strong!

Compere is a feature reporter.

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