Politics with Peyton: My final Goodbye

Last spring, at approximately 6:04 p.m. on April 9, 2021, I received an email that would shape my senior year – “Welcome to the Champion.” Over a year later, the time has come to say goodbye. Being given the opportunity to not only manage the opinion section but freely write about my own political ideas has been a blessing, and I will forever be grateful. But before I say goodbye …

What does the future of politics look like?

This question has played continuously in my mind for a few months – more constantly now that I’m graduating soon. Where is politics headed? Do I like the direction? Do I see myself in the future of politics?

When I first began writing Politics with Peyton, I had no idea just how deep my love for journalism reached. At first, I wanted nothing more than to move to D.C. and get involved in the fast-paced life of politics. However, after my experience with the Liberty Champion, I’ve seen how my two passions – journalism and politics – can coexist.

The future of politics is not one-dimensional. 

When you say you are going into politics, the automatic assumption is becoming a politician. Being a politician is not your only option for politics. You can find politics in any field that you pursue. 

This is why politics matters. It keeps the world spinning. Politics has run the U.S. since we first began — and before, and politics will continue to dominate in the future. 

However, the future of politics relies on those in power. 

We see past political mistakes that occur when those leading the dialogue lead it poorly. Politics is only as good as the people in it. Whether they are in office or simply advocates, they impact the political charge in the world. 

Politics begins with convictions, forming an opinion on those convictions and then acting on them.

The future of politics is outspoken. 

Pro-life groups are pro-life because they feel convicted about the horrors of abortion. Pro-gun individuals are pro-gun because they feel a conviction about gun restrictions. Without a conviction and the ability to be outspoken on those convictions, change would never occur. 

Politics has always had a corrupt side, and the future will be no different. However, with individuals who love America and aspire to bring a constitutional change to politics, this corruption can decrease. As cliche as it sounds, one person can make a difference. 

The future of politics starts now. 

And that difference doesn’t have to occur when you’ve graduated college or are the legal age to run for office.So, whether you want to be a leading voice on Capitol Hill, run for political office or write about politics in the Liberty Champion, you are the future of politics.

The future is dependent on what you do today – in the present. 

I don’t know what the future holds for myself or for politics, but I will never stop using my voice, and I pray you won’t either. 

The future of politics is you.  

Mackenzie is the graduating opinion editor. Follow her on Twitter

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