A Decade Of Bagels: Blue Ridge Bagels Will Host A Celebration

Blue Ridge Bagels will host its 10-year anniversary event in celebration of both the company and its customers on April 15, 2022. 

Blue Ridge Bagels is a family-owned bagel shop located in Lynchburg, Virginia. This shop is open Monday through Saturday and serves bagels, doughnuts, sandwiches, salads, wraps and more.  

Blue Ridge Bagels is operated and run by Barry and Cheryl Kane. Their daughter Holly works as the manager of the shop.  

“My wife and I have owned, operated, and worked in the daily operations for the entire time. We believe that is part of the reason for our success,” Barry Kane said.

“Having an excellent product from the Bronx and using quality Boar’s Head meat and cheese products is important also,” Barry said.  “We make our own homemade cream cheese, chicken salad, Italian pasta salad, sauteed peppers and onions. We also make doughnuts daily at our shop.” 

Barry also revealed the importance of Liberty to his family.  He explained that his wife Cheryl and his two daughters Jessie and Holly all attended Liberty University.  They were able to create a relationship with Liberty through their connection. 

Blue Ridge Bagels has been able to work with several of the sports teams to provide them with breakfast or lunch before games. Liberty University offices have ordered doughnuts and bagels from them as well.  

Barry Kane said they love serving college students, but all of their customers are important to them.  

“We have kept prices at a point where most consumers are comfortable,” Barry Kane said.  “We also remained open throughout the COVID crisis … A couple of bagel shops have opened in the past few years, but our sales have remained strong.”

Blue Ridge Bagels began a 10-day countdown on April 6 to the 10th anniversary celebration. Each day leading up to April 15, the actual anniversary, Blue Ridge
Bagels will have specials on specific items in the shop.  

On April 15, Blue Ridge Bagels will give away T-shirts throughout the day as well as other special giveaways. They will also have discounts on many of their food products.

Barry Kane said this anniversary is a monumental moment for him and his family.

“We feel like we are a staple in the Lynchburg area, especially among college students.  We have been awarded best breakfast by the readers of the News and Advance twice,” Barry said.  “Our 10 years of operation shows that we are here to stay.”

Liberty sophomore Isabella Casucci said she wants to try all of the bagel shops in Lynchburg.

“My roommate and I love trying new coffee shops or bagel shops. I was specifically excited about trying Blue Ridge Bagels because they advertise authentic Bronx bagels.  When I heard about this event and all the giveaways and specials they were offering, I immediately knew I needed to go,” Casucci said.

For more information, students can visit the Blue Ridge Bagels Facebook page.

Tanner is a news reporter.

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