Campus Runway: Your Guide To Spring Break Style

One of the most anticipated college vacations of the year waits just around the corner for students. Whether you are vacationing at a tropical paradise or a winter wonderland, spring break offers a chance for everyone to enjoy the warmer weather and get some much-needed rest.

Spring break, notorious for being a luxurious getaway for many, is usually a more chill time for me. I know I’m not alone in that, either. But just because I am not going to a tropical island or a glamorous ski resort doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with my outfits. 

With that being said, here are some of my best fashion tips for spring break. 

Pack like you mean it — but don’t overpack

For most people, spring break is usually a week long. Whether you will be flying or driving, pack your outfits with intention. Start by creating a “capsule wardrobe” for your vacation. Selecting basic clothing pieces you can wear multiple different ways ensures that you save space for other items in your suitcase. Content creators like Emily May and Alyssa Beltempo have made great guides on YouTube showing how to create the best capsule wardrobe for all your vacation needs. 

Beach bumming it

Are you hitting the beach for spring break? If you are, keep in mind that beach fashion can be hard to navigate. What are you supposed to wear while just laying out on the sand? 

However, it’s more about what you wear to and from the beach than about what you’re wearing at the beach. For both girls and guys, it is important to bring some sort of breathable, fun-colored soft shirt. This could be a button up shirt or an oversized, boxy tee. Matching it with your pants will elevate the outfit to the next level. If you pair it with fun sunglasses, trendy sandals and a colorful tote bag, then you’re set. 

When the sun sets and everyone starts to get hungry, a fun dinner might be on the schedule. For these times, a fun, loose-fitting outfit will do. After a long day at the beach, the last thing you want to wear is something tight. Consider lavender, baby blue, coral and brown colors. According to Refinery29, the Y2K trends will continue to live on for this spring break season. So, why not take the time to experiment with different styles over break? Try those low-rise pants, halter tops and dresses with cutouts. And because it’s vacation, add some fun, colorful jewelry. Now is not the time to be shy.

 Winter wonderland

Spring break does not always have to be a tropical paradise because in many parts of the world, snow still coats the ground. If you do choose to hit the slopes or play in the snow, why not be warm and stylish at the same time? Puffer jackets are still a highly-worn trend this season, so investing in one quality puffer could be beneficial, especially for seasons to come. Other pieces like layered button-down shirts, blazers, easy knits, waffle-style turtlenecks and trousers will complement your vacation fashion. 

When selecting the color palette for your trip, Pantone suggests deep colors such as Amazon green, martini olive, Samoan sun yellow, tiger orange, lava falls red and caramel café brown for a wintery setting. Warmer clothes typically take up more room in your suitcase, so try to wear all of the bigger clothing on the plane or during your travels to save room in your suitcase. 

Aside from the fashion tips, make sure that you remember to rest during your break. This is your time to relax and recharge before the last half of your semester. And don’t forget to share your spring break outfits with me on Instagram: @austinfarmerie. 

Farmerie is a Champion contributor.

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