Campus Runway: Staying Warm Through The Winter

Not long ago, one of the Champion’s first fashion-related columns was written about me and a couple of other style-conscious individuals on campus. At the time, writing that column for the paper seemed like a distant dream I could chase, but I never knew how to get there. Flash forward – here I am assigned to write that very column.

Hello, I’m Austin Farmerie, the new writer for Campus Runway. I am a senior at Liberty studying entertainment journalism. Writing about fashion in the newspaper has been a dream of mine for a while, and I am honored to be taking over this column. 

Campus Runway is an innovative column created to highlight all things fashion. Whether that be on campus, in Lynchburg or elsewhere, this column will provide insightful information about the exciting cosmos that is deemed “fashion.”  

For my first column, I want to dive into a topic that I have had to figure out over the past few years. Being from Florida, winter fashion was never a part of my wardrobe. When I came to Liberty, and winter quickly approached, I realized I needed to change my closet. 

I wanted to not only look fashionable in the winter but also stay warm. From my experience, here are some of the best ways to elevate your style this winter.


This is one of the best ways to bring some spice to an outfit while also staying warm. Because you “layer” pieces on, you can shed them as the day gets warmer and add them back on when the night brings in brisk air. 

When layering, always start with a base, like a plain shirt or a top. One of my favorite things to add next is a turtleneck. Having a few different turtlenecks in your closet to alternate with outfits is key.

 It doesn’t stop with that, though. From here you have a few options. 

Women can pick their favorite summer dress to add on top and pair it with fleece leggings or tights to keep the bottom half warm. If a dress isn’t the look you are going for, why not try a vest? It can be tucked into pants or left untucked. Finally, experiment with outerwear. 

Shackets and puffers are projected to be the ideal outerwear pieces of 2022. These pieces can be thrifted or bought retail. 


Now that you have picked the base of the outfit, begin to play around with some accessories. This winter, the fashion community is bringing old trends back to the table. 

Accessories such as scarves, gloves, leg warmers, thigh high boots and leggings are all trending. These pieces have been updated and styled in a multitude of ways for the winter season. While accessories seem miniscule, they can be a game changer for elevating your outfit and staying warm this winter. 

Fashion Challenge

This year, an unexpected fashion item found its way into the winter fashion cycle – the balaclava. It’s a close-fitting garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face. While typically made of wool, brands have put their own spin on the balaclava, creating colorful, trendy versions. 

While many can pull off this look, it is not an easy task. Are you up to the challenge? If you style a balaclava, tag me in an Instagram story (@austinfarmerie). I would love to see what you come up with. After all, the campus is our runway.

Farmerie is a Champion contributor.

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