The Great Xmas Debate: Using Xmas Over Christmas Is Not Blasphemous

Christmas is the time of year where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and spread Christmas cheer for all to hear — until they see a sign that says “Merry Xmas.”

Christians should use Christ’s name as much as possible, but “Xmas” is not inherently a blasphemous term. 

Because of the use of “Xmas”, some Christians get bent out of shape when people take Jesus’ name out of the holiday. Evangelist Franklin Graham even called the term “a war against the name of Jesus Christ.”

In reality, people took the name of Christ out of Christmas when it became a commercialized celebration of gifts – Santa and Mariah Carey rather than the birth of the Savior.

We should be focusing on the individual’s heart behind using “Xmas”. I find it more concerning that Christmas is celebrated without the acknowledgment of Christ at all. If an unbeliever is not celebrating the Savior’s birth, then we should focus on their heart more than their vocabulary. Expecting an unbeliever to use “Christmas” for the sake of respecting Jesus’ name is like expecting them to attend church or avoid using the Lord’s name in vain. 

Contrary to popular Christian belief, the symbol “x” does not technically take Christ out of Christmas. 

There is a long tradition of the letter “x” being an abbreviation for Jesus’ name. Evolving from the Greek language and the historical church’s frequent use of symbols, Pastor R.C. Sproul, a widely respected Bible teacher said, “There’s a long and sacred history of the use of “x” to symbolize the name of Christ, and from its origin it has meant no disrespect.”

The early church actually formulated “x” as a symbol for Christ. It did not appear out of a secular agenda to discredit the reason for the season. Christianity uses many symbols in addition to “Xmas” such as the fish and the cross, but “Xmas” is used less frequently by believers today.

So, in technicality, Christians can use “Xmas” and be correct without committing apostasy, but just because it is not a heretical sin to use “Xmas” does not mean we should. Why buy something “Xmas” when you could buy something

Christians should not exclusively use the term “Christmas” and celebrate it without keeping Jesus as the center focus. That would be hypocritical. Our use of “Christmas” should flow from our true celebration of the holiday: The birth of Jesus Christ.

If a believer can use “Xmas” for its conveniently short spelling and still emphasize Jesus in their holiday celebration, then they can exercise their Christian liberty. If another believer does not like using “Xmas,” then they can use other words they
deem fit.

If the goal is to emphasize Christ, using or avoiding “Xmas” isn’t as important as the intentions of the heart.

Browder is an opinion writer.

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