New Resolutions Signed: SGA Passes Legislations For Students

Liberty University President Jerry Prevo met with Student Government Association (SGA) leadership and delegates to sign new legislation resolutions into act that will take effect as early as next semester.

The signing ceremony, which took place in the President’s Executive Boardroom on the top floor of Green Hall, provided SGA delegates the opportunity to witness their hard work come to fruition. Delegates had proposed their resolutions and got them passed through SGA President Evan Kluth and Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Mark Hine before they landed on Prevo’s desk for the final signature. 

Due to COVID-19, this is the first signing ceremony Prevo has been able to take part in since the last signing in February of 2020.

The signing ceremony contained resolutions that will impact students’ everyday life. A traffic light will be added to the intersection of Liberty University Drive and Liberty Mountain Drive near Slim Chickens, as an added safety measure. In addition, heaters will be added to the bus stops near Residential Commons III and the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall. The East Social Infrastructure Resolution proposed fire pits and picnic tables on East Campus.

Prevo finds this as a great opportunity to work with SGA to better student life here at Liberty. “It is a great joy to partner with Liberty University’s SGA in their effort of both representing students and improving students’ experiences on campus. It truly is a collaborative work as we strive to impact student life in a positive way. I am also very impressed with our student leadership and I am confident of their bright future as trained Champions for Christ,” Prevo said.

It is not confirmed when the next signing ceremony will be, but it is expected that new resolutions will be signed off in the spring semester.

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