Opinion: The Fatal Flaw of Critical Race Theory

With the United States’ almost sudden shift of gaze to racism during the events of 2020, critical race theory (CRT) has taken center stage in a variety of areas of discussion. While more is known about its predecessor, critical theory, the world is now seeing a wave of research on CRT as well. In November 2020, the New York Times reported that almost all of the books in major bestselling lists pertained to racism.

Despite this, Christians overall seem to not know how to approach this matter. 

Critical race theory is trending. Whether by intellectual acceptance or blind ignorance, it is immovable. Books that employ CRT might offer some solution to the perceived conundrum of society today, but they do not offer sound reasoning for its accomplishment. This stands firmly on the presumption that the Bible is the authoritative diagnostic tool for all things pertaining to the human condition, society and politics.

The Conversation published an article on June 30, 2021 titled, “Critical Race Theory: What it is and what it isn’t.” In this article, David Miguel Gray writes that most critical race theorists hold to four foundational beliefs about race. First, they believe that race is a social construct and has little to do with biology. Second, the stereotypes that accompany certain races (i.e. minorities are intellectually inadequate) are embedded into the legal system. Third, because of its deep-seated history, it is merely a part of everyday life. And finally, intersectionality is closely tied to racism.

While this article explains CRT, it does not offer a grounded solution to its own claims. It is two parts diagnosis and zero parts cure. The complete reversal of a history of racism in America would be paradise. America would become a societal utopia if it was as simple as turning the hour hand on an old, rusty clock several times. Unfortunately, we are not granted that ability. Even if everything could be taken away from a supposed corrupt system and society that sees much through the lens of race, what has been done cannot find complete vindication in this lifetime.

I believe there is one fatal flaw to critical race theory that is irrepressible: it provides no foundational solution to the problem it addresses.

That is the heart-wrenching truth of temporal philosophies. They will always only offer solutions that are too good to be true. Because the truth is, we’re in so deep that we need someone who can truly turn back the clocks, as it were. We need a just God.

No theory nor any judicial verdict can overturn the damage done. George Floyd won’t rise from the dead, and Derek Chauvin won’t serve his deserved sentence in this lifetime. We need a God that somehow, in a way near-impossible, vindicates the victim, punishes the accused and once again brings harmony in every capacity. The God of the Bible does all of these things seamlessly.

God is the Divine Judge of acts (Ecc. 3:17). He is the only one who can bring light to every shadow and crevice of the heart of man (Job 12:22). He will repay every offense in his own time (Deut. 32:35). Not only is God the powerful Judge, bringing to justice the unjust, he is the one that will restore all things. A true sign of Christ’s kingship at the end of this age is that he will make all things new (Rev. 21:5).

A God who sacrificed His own Son for the salvation of unjust people (Rom. 5:8) is one that will welcome people of all ethnicities into the courts of heaven (Rev. 7:9). Buried with Christ is the justification for racism. Risen with him is the means by which every tribe and tongue can find harmony and celebration in grace received.

Critical race theory crumbles under the pressure of eternal expectations. Devised by human minds, it can only describe and prescribe so much. Even then, it can only do so to a certain degree of accuracy. Christ is the cure for racism. He lived and died in such a way that we can learn divine truths with human capacity. God is the Judge who will truly restore all things to himself and bring real harmony to humanity.

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