Liberty alumna Shannon Bream Speaks on Her Professional Successes

Liberty alumna and host of Fox News @ Night Shannon Bream visited the Helms School of Government and the Liberty University School of Law Friday.

The event was held in the School of Law Supreme Courtroom and was open to a smaller group of students than the amount she spoke to at Convocation earlier that day.  Roughly 200 students came from the School of Government, the School of Law and the School of Communications & the Arts.

According to Liberty News, Bream spoke to the students and shared stories about her journey in her career. She also gave students the opportunity to ask questions and gave them the encouragement that work is not the most important part of who they are. 

“You don’t have to have it all figured out by the time you are 21 or 25,” she said. “God can take you in a totally different direction. You just don’t know.”

Bream’s Christian faith had taught her to not find her worth in a career, but instead, let it serve as a platform that God has given her in the season that she is in.

According to Liberty News, Bream first spoke at Convocation Friday morning and shared her story of growing closer to Christ through pain and uncertainty she faced with a rare eye issue that sent her into a state of depression.

Through her experience, Bream reminded students to never isolate themselves and know that the Liberty family will be there to support them in whatever they may be going through.

However, Bream’s visit impacted more than the audience — it also had an impact on her.  

“People have thanked [my husband and I] so many times for coming here today. But honestly, thank you guys,” Bream said. “To walk into Convo and to hear thousands of young people praising the Lord really gives us such inspiration and such encouragement that there are people who are dedicated to living for the Lord and the spreading [of] the Gospel.”

Bream graduated from Liberty in 1993 with a degree in business management and joined the Fox News Channel in 2007.

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