The Campus Rec Challenge Gives Ways to Explore Recreation Opportunities

Campus Recreation is back with another semester-long challenge that students can participate in to experience a wide variety of activities that different facilities have to offer.

To participate in the Campus Rec Challenge, students can grab booklets (available at any campus recreation facility) with a list of tasks to be completed by Wednesday, Dec. 8.

As described on the Campus Recreation website and in the activity’s brochure, examples of challenges include running a mile on a treadmill at David’s Place, playing a game of billiards or table tennis at the Montview Student Union and taking a selfie with a horse at the Equestrian Center. More involved challenges include participating in an intramural sport and skiing or snowboarding at Snowflex. 

Director of Communications and Marketing for Campus Recreation Rylie Culkin said the challenge seeks to get students out and about, gaining familiarity with the campus and possibly meeting other students, with the added motivation of valued prizes.

“The goal is to get students out of their comfort zone, try something new and maybe find their new hobby,” Culkin said.

“It opened my eyes to all the fun activities that Liberty offers around campus,” sophomore Cole Maranowski, who participated in last semester’s Campus Rec Challenge, said. “My favorite activity was going [to Hydaway Outdoor Center] to mountain bike.”

In addition to exploring new hobbies, students who turn in their completed booklet on time will receive both a Campus Recreation crewneck sweatshirt and be entered into the grand prize raffle. Prizes of the raffle include an Apple Watch SE and Nike gift cards totaling between $75 and $150. 

Upon turning in a completed booklet, students provide their email address so that they can be notified if they win a grand prize. Winners will also be announced through Campus Recreation’s social media pages.

The event was first launched during the spring 2021 semester and lasted until booklets were turned in on Reading Day. 

“We were excited to offer an opportunity for students to explore various Campus Recreation facilities in a way that aligned with all COVID-19 policies,” Culkin said.

All students are welcome to participate. This current challenge will be open until Reading Day. According to Culkin, more events like this are planned for future semesters. 

“I didn’t even realize all of the options they had for students and I have been really into it since,” Maranowski said. “I highly recommend for other students to go out and complete this challenge.”

Students looking for more information can visit Liberty’s campus recreation website and search for the Campus Recreation Challenge to read through the details. Additionally, campus recreation staff at each facility can guide students through the challenges.  

Picotte is a news reporter.

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