Snowflex Hosts Annual Skiing and Snowboarding Competition

For skiers and snowboarders, the Big Air Competition, hosted by Snowflex on Sept. 17, was a chance to soar to new heights and show off their skills on the slope.

Judges scored each snowboarder and skier based on style, amplitude and technicality. The competition had four categories: men’s ski, women’s ski, men’s snowboarding and women’s snowboarding. Participants could earn prize money: $100 to those who came in first, $75 for the second-place finishers and $50 for third. 

Freshman Treyven Marlow has been skiing for 10 years and enjoys the competition. 

“I ski and have been doing tricks [competitively] for three years,” said Marlow. “I look forward most to shredding with the homies. It’s cool to have the judges rank who they like based on tricks.” 

Ryan Bozeman, who is a graduate of James Madison University, came to participate in the Big Air Competition. He won first place in men’s snowboarding. 

“The comradery of all other riders being here is what makes it exciting,” Bozeman said. 

Bozeman’s favorite moves to perform include some skillfull flips. 

“The double backflip is the move I’m most proud of and my favorite move is the Cork 720,” he said.

A corked maneuver in snowboarding is when a snowboarder spins in such a way that they are suspended sideways or upside down during a flip. 

Before becoming the Ski and Snowboard Coach, Isaac Gibson was also a competitor in the Big Air Competition. 

“I have been involved with the contests at Snowflex since my freshman year of college back in 2011,” said Gibson. “First as a spectator, then competitor and now as a judge and commentator. I always look forward to seeing the athletes who go the biggest and have the most style. I love seeing the unique tricks that no one else is doing except maybe one athlete who sets themselves apart.” 

Emory Orlando took first place in Women’s Snowboarding, Bozeman took first place in Men’s Snowboarding, Taylor Keeran came in first for Women’s Ski and Matthew Bauman took first place for Men’s Ski.

Hazard is a news reporter.

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