Liberty’s School Of Music Hosts 14th Annual Night Of Worship

Students from Liberty’s School of Music took the stage leading their peers in worship at Thomas Road Baptist Church on April 18, continuing the university’s worship night tradition.

The School of Music has hosted the student-led worship night at TRBC for the last 14 years. The students that participated included a group from LU Praise, worship choirs, different bands and 12 musicians on string instruments.

“Night of Worship has always been the big event for the Center for Music and the Worship Arts,” Timmy Williamson, Director of Communication in the School of Music, said. “Currently we have various centers, one more worship driven, which is a big event for that side of things. All students are involved, but specifically we focus on training worship leaders, and we train all of our students regardless of their major in that school to offer their music whether that be church music or ‘secular’ music.”

Special guests such as Michael Neale, Preston Wood, Tommy Walker and Babbie Mason have performed at past worship nights. This year, Michael W. Smith headlined the event, performing alongside the students. 

In the past, anywhere between 2,000 to 2,500 people have attended the event. The School of Music followed the COVID-19 guidelines under religious exceptions that TRBC follows for its services. The event was streamed on Facebook and posted to TRBC’s website.

Mackenzie Primrose, a junior Instrumental Music Education major played the flute in the orchestra for the worship night in the spring of 2019. She said it was one of her most memorable experiences at Liberty. 

“There was a full orchestra, band, a choir fully made up of school of music students, and a solo vocalist,” Primrose said. “It was an amazing experience to be able to perform and worship with the entire school of music student body.”

Williamson emphasized that 2020 was a tough year for everyone, but that God already knew what would happen before it took place. He expressed that this year’s worship night reflects who Jesus is to us. 

“This night of worship is really focused on Jesus being King. Regardless of what we are feeling, God’s truth remains,” Williamson said. “Our goal is that God would have his way in our preparation and presentation. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit moves (in whatever way) he sees fit.”

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Emily Robertson is a News Reporter.

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