Freshman Scores Perfect 300 At Montview Bowling Alley

Bradley Wolfe, a freshman studying psychology at Liberty University, bowled a perfect score of 300 — a feat that outscores an average and seasoned bowler.

When Wolfe arrived at the Montview Bowling Alley on March 4, he was determined to bowl a perfect score. Wolfe said that every day he tries to bowl all strikes, but that day he especially wanted to accomplish this goal. 

“I really liked the way lane two looked… and I was like I might as well try and really do it today,” Wolfe said. 

After 11 strikes into his fifth game of bowling that day, Wolfe felt the pressure as he bowled the final frame and was about to make history. Wolfe said that all he could remember was hitting the pins, freaking out and sitting down because he was so light-headed. 

“I was shaking horribly… I had to keep wiping my hands because my palms were so sweaty,” Wolfe said. “I threw the last one and I sat down…my whole body was shaking.”

In bowling games that utilize 10 pins, the highest possible score is 300, which can be achieved by bowling 12 strikes in a row in a traditional single game. Wolfe said he only recently started bowling for leisure, beginning in the fall semester of 2020.

“I’ve always liked watching bowling,” Wolfe said. “When I was really little I watched bowling a lot, and my grandfather is a huge bowling fan. He’s been bowling for decades, bowling in leagues and stuff. I’m a lot like him so I figured I’d try bowling out and I love it.”

Wolfe will always have a keepsake to commemorate his incredible feat.

Wolfe said that upon hearing about the Montview Bowling Alley he was excited by the possibility of bowling with a student discount. Wolfe has since earned a free bowling membership for the past two semesters by taking part in 220 Tuesdays at the Montview Bowling Alley.

“For now, I’m going to keep bowling as a pastime,” Wolfe said. “If I keep getting better and better and I think that there’s a chance that I could join a league or maybe even go on tour for the PBA then I’ll try to do it. But obviously there are a ton of people who are much better than me right now so I don’t know if I’ll even get to that point.”

On most days Wolfe can be found at the Montview Bowling Alley, where he spends an average of 2-3 hours a day bowling.

“With how much I’ve been bowling and how much I’ve improved since I got here, it really just goes to show that if you put in the time and effort into learning something new you can get good at it,” Wolfe said. “Even if it’s not something you’re really looking to get good at. But if you are really trying to improve and you’re putting the hours into it, you can definitely get good at it.”

Addi Tarr is a News Reporter. Follow her on Twitter at @addi_tarr.

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