Eight Best Places On Campus To Watch A Sunset

Featured nearly every night on Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, VSCO posts, and Facebook, Virginia sunsets are a constant favorite for Liberty students. Here are eight of the best spots on Liberty’s campus to catch one of these famed sunsets.

1. The Monogram 

The Monogram draws crowds of sunset watchers almost every night and with good reason. Students can enjoy the sunset from the comfort of a hammock, the gazebo or a blanket on the grass. Only a short drive from campus and a quick walk through a wooded trail, the Monogram offers a completely different perspective of Lynchburg and Liberty’s campus.  

2. Snowflex 

Snowflex also offers two prime sunset-viewing locations. The deck of the Barrick-Falwell Lodge has great seating and puts viewers at eye level with the Blue Ridge Mountains. Students also set up hammocks in the row of trees between Candlers Mountain Road and Monogram Road for an equally stunning view of the sunset and Liberty’s campus. 

3. College of  Osteopathic Medicine Building

The space outside Liberty’s College of Osteopathic Medicine has ample seating and plenty of grass to spread out a picnic blanket. Students can enjoy takeout dinner with a sunset view. 

4. Freedom Tower

For those who are not scared of heights, the 360-degree view from top floor of the Freedom Tower is an ideal sunset viewing spot. The sunset can even be enjoyed during the elevator ride or stair climb up to the top of the building. 

5. Roof of DeMoss

With plenty of seating and space to spread out, the roof of DeMoss hall lends itself well to a sunset hall dinner or worship night. It makes a great spot for group gatherings due to its central location on campus.

6. Indoor Track Complex

The area outside the Liberty Indoor Track Complex offers students a lesser-known place to enjoy dinner or read a book as the sun sets. The space offers views in every direction, with the Blue Ridge Mountains on one side and Liberty Mountain on the other.  

7. Liberty Trail System

Go on a run or walk down to the wooden bench perched at the intersection of Valley View Road and Split Decision Trail on the Liberty Mountain Trail System and take in the sunset over the rolling hills of Liberty Mountain. Students can use this solitude to spend time in prayer or worship. 

8. East Parking Garage

Recently opened on east campus, the top floor of the Runk & Pratt Garage boasts a beautiful view with the lights of Lynchburg illuminating the foreground and the Blue Ridge Mountains dominating the horizon. This view makes the top floor a great spot to park a car and watch the sunset, even when the weather is chilly.

Renee Farmer is a Feature Reporter. Follow her on Twitter at @reneefarmerr.

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