Coffe Options Abound In Lynchburg, But These Are The Top 7

With finals nearing, students are looking for good places to grab a cup of coffee and study away from campus. Here are seven of the best local coffee shops to try.

1. White Hart Café 

This coffee shop understands a college student’s struggle in finding a comfy spot to relax and do homework. The ambiance is perfect, from secluded chairs for more privacy if you need a breather to an open dining room with tables and chairs if you and a friend want to study together. The espresso is worth its price of $2.25. Lattes run an estimated $4, without flavor. 

2. Mission House – Downtown

The seating in this shop is perfect for groups of friends to sit together. There is a room in the back with long tables that can sit friend groups with up to eight people. Plus, the prices are hard to beat with an espresso shot being an inexpensive  $.81. Their espresso is incredibly smooth, and extremely easy to drink. Plus, they have the “pay it forward” campaign where you can “roundup” on your total, and they will donate the money to a local non-profit. 

3. Dublin 3 Coffeehouse 

For ambiance, Dublin 3 Coffeehouse is the place to go. There are comfy couches for you and your friends to sit and talk, as well as tables to do homework. Located in the back corner is a large couch with bookshelves and games made available to whoever wants to grab a drink and stay a while. Drinks range from cost effective to expensive. A double shot is $2, and lattes run around $4. 

4. Drowsy Poet 

If you are looking for not only some good coffee but also great books to read and an interesting menu, you have come to the right place. The Drowsy Poet is a coffee shop located inside Givens Bookstore. An “off the beaten path” vibe, this shop is a great place for a quiet, more focused atmosphere. Even if the café is busy, there are places to sit and study or enjoy your coffee all over the store.  “The Milton” is a specialty drink that tastes like a chocolate shake and coffee combined. It is a must for any coffee bucket list. 

5. The Muse

Although a more popular spot, The Muse lives up to the hype. This shop has some of the best espresso you will ever try, which starts at $3 for a double shot, and $3.36 for a 12 oz. latte with no flavor. This shop has lots of room, with a bottom and top stories filled with smaller tables for you and a friend or two to sit and knock out some homework. 

6. Café Bliss

With more of a diner setting, Café Bliss not only brings you delicious coffee, but also an array of food you can purchase such as pies and other pastries. Need a quaint place to grab your midday pick-me-up? Grab a friend and grab a coffee from Café Bliss.

7. Lion and Lamb Café

If you do not have a car to get around in, this one is located right next to the Liberty Campus in TRBC. The Lion and Lamb Café is the coffee shop that operates out of TRBC and is an LCA and Liberty hotspot for a quick bite to eat or cup of coffee between classes. 

Peyton MacKenzie is a Feature Reporter. Follow her on Twitter at @PeytMacK.

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  • This is great that students have a place to relax with friends ,and yet the privacy to enjoy a cup of coffee and study quietly.

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