Former Champion Editor-in-Chief Set to Release Country Music EP

“What makes a home good?” asks alumni Jacob Couch in his soon to be released EP “Feels Like Home.”

His easy style of singing country blends a Kenny Chesney sound with a touch of Josh Turner.

Singing was not always in Couch’s plan. During college, he hosted a sports podcast, wrote for the Liberty Champion’s sports section and served as editor in chief for the paper. He completed his journalism degree in December 2019 and began working as a writer for Liberty’s Office of Communications and Public Engagement. He loves to write, but he also has a passion for musical storytelling.  

He is now releasing his first EP as a country artist. 

“I had written a couple songs in high school, but I ended up trashing them,” Couch said. “It was not until I got into my college years where I wrote more songs and just really enjoyed it. I finally got to the point where I told God that I wanted to honor Him by using my songs to encourage people.” 

Couch focused on telling his story through his music. The EP contains six tracks out of the roughly 30 songs Couch has written over the years. He picked the songs for the EP that sounded the most like home to him and felt the most cohesive as a group. 

“I am excited,” Couch said. “This music is roots based. It says a lot about me on a deeper level. I hope who I am comes out on this.” 

After saving up money for about a year, Couch and his younger brother, freshman Marcus Couch, put together demos of his songs. 

Then, they headed to California, and joined Kyle Scott of the pop band, Raymond Happiness. 

A multi-instrumentalist, Scott played all the instruments for Couch’s songs. 

“Scott’s main focus is music production,” Couch said. “I write and sing the songs, and he brings them to life through his instrumentation and production. He loves the Lord and has been so much fun to work with.”

Couch said he and his producer, who lives on the west coast, are in constant communication.

“Hardly a day goes by where we don’t talk,” Couch said. “He is always sending clips and showing me how my songs are coming along.”

Couch said “home” to him represents the most important things in his life.

“Home is my faith. It’s my memories and the people in my life,” Couch said. “Each song has a story, and it will be super fun to explain the stories and set a backdrop when I play them live.” 

Couch’s EP, “Feels Like Home,” under the name Jacob Thomas, will be available on Spotify and Apple Music December 4.

Daniel Ellis is a Feature Reporter. Follow her on Twitter at @dnaieltyler.

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