Experienced Voice Actors Will Teach Classes During Sonic-Con Audio Convention

Sonic-Con, a three-day audio theater convention, is finally coming to Liberty’s campus on October 23-25 after a long wait. 

The event was originally set to take place during the spring semester of 2020, until COVID-19 altered the plans. 

Chris Nelson, associate professor of theater arts, led the development of the event. 

“Basically, Sonic-Con was created to give people more than a chance to take a picture with someone famous,” Nelson said. “It was also created to help people learn how to create, so that we can be producers and not just consumers.”

Nelson produces “The Encounter” radio program at Liberty, and one of his writing partners on the show suggested an audio convention. While he had a lot on his plate already, he reached out to some connections, including Katie Leigh from Focus on the Family’s “Adventures in Odyssey,” who offered her support. 

With the help of many others, Nelson assembled  a full schedule of learning opportunities for anyone interested in storytelling and presenting biblical messages in an audio format.

According to Nelson, a number of people from “Adventures in Odyssey” and different production companies will be in attendance. The Executive Producer from Abide, a company that focuses on Christian meditation, audio dramas and children’s audio will attend, as well as professors from Liberty who will teach throughout the weekend. 

The event will offer numerous sessions and opportunities for attendees. During Cookies with Connie, students can have milk and cookies with Katie Leigh, the voice of Connie Kendall from Adventures in Odyssey. In the Art Gallery, the work of Ryan Brothers, the conceptual artist for The Encounter, will be on display. 

Even though the event primarily focuses on audio work, it will also feature collaborations with the School of Communication and the Arts from Cinema to SADA. 

“There is going to be a lot going on from Friday at 6 p.m. to Sunday at 5 p.m.,” Nelson said.  “It will be a great opportunity for students. I encourage students to come.”

More than a dozen classes will cover topics like “Writing for Radio,” “Storytelling: Tackling the Hard Stuff” and “Guerilla Podcasting.”

An event called the New Works Festival calls for participants to audition for voice-over talent in one of three new audio dramas that will be presented at the convention. Other featured events include a live band and a writing competition. Additionally, a worship service will be held on Sunday morning.

Single-day passes and weekend passes for the event, which will take place in Green Hall, are available online. 

Be sure to visit the Sonic-Con website to register or for more information: www.sonic-con.org.

Daniel Ellis is a Feature Reporter. Follow him on Twitter at @dnaieltyler.

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