6 Things to do during social distancing

With a pandemic upon us with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, we must modify the ways we typically interact with those around us to protect them and ourselves from COVID-19.

Welcome to the concept of social distancing.

Though the idea of staying physically away from other people as much as possible might be an introvert’s dream and an extravert’s nightmare, there are plenty of things to do without leaving your driveway. 

1. Call that friend.

Most of us have at least one friend that lives in another state that we never talk to because we are busy with academic commitments at school. Though we still have academic commitments, not having to travel to and from class opens extra time to reconnect with that long-distance friend.

2.  Learn a new skill.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? Juggle? Speak Swahili? Why not do it now? How-to videos and helpful websites abound on the internet, allowing us to learn skills we may never have pursued in college. 

3. Get outside. 

If you live in a rural area like I do, you can probably find a spot to enjoy some fresh, spring air. This is tougher in the suburbs or the city, but finding some way to get outside will be important for both our mental and physical health the longer we need to practice social distancing. 

4. Read.

If you are like me, you’ve had several books on your “to-read” list for a while. With fewer choices of things to do, getting started on your reading list will stave off boredom and keep your mind sharp. 

5. Learn creatively.

Write your math problems in chalk on the sidewalk. Memorize biology terms via an elaborate song and dance routine. Reenact the French Revolution in your living room – preferably without any actual property damage or decapitations.

You will do better in your classes if you help yourself enjoy them, and there are far fewer people to judge your creativity at home. 

6. Pray

The most important thing you can possibly do over this time of disease and social distancing is pray. All those who are ill need prayer, as does everyone who is healthy. Pray for the healthcare workers and the leaders who are making decisions to battle this unusual circumstance. Fear and temptation spread more rapidly than any disease, and there is no way to combat them but to bring them constantly before our heavenly Father.

Abby Bowman is the Opinion Editor for the Liberty Champion. Follow her on Twitter @AbbyRBowman


  • Awesome Abby thanks for sharing those great tips!!

  • Wonderfully edifying advice, especially the last tip on prayer, which is powerful and often the last thing on our minds.

  • Please pray for all the kids who can’t wait to to join you and those on target to graduate. Uncertainty tempts insecurity. Stand your ground! Pray without ceasing… Love the Lord and live LU!

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