Student Life works on engaging commuter students throughout the semester

Liberty University’s Commuter Student Life is offers several opportunities for commuters to connect with peers and participate in campus culture this semester. 

“Recognition for commuter students has definitely grown and changed and is continuing to (grow),” associate director of Commuter Student Life Christen Gery said. “Commuters make up almost half of our residential
student body, that deserves a lot of recognition. We want to provide them with the same resources that on-campus students would have.”

Andrew Bailey, associate director and Commuter Student Association advisor, reflected on his time as a commuter student at Liberty a few years ago and emphasized that the services the university works to provide for the commuter population has grown exponentially over the past years. 

“We are here for you, we are here for commuter students to help them feel a part of the Liberty community,” he said. 

Commuter students now use a decorated lounge in Green Hall, which was constructed and renovated just over a year ago. The new lounge offers complimentary coffee and a place to study in between classes.

According to Gery, the commuter lounge sees approximately 500-700 students a day, which led the university leadership to build a bigger space. 

In addition to the growing community fostered by the new lounge, the Office of Student Life creates many opportunities for commuter students to stay involved on campus. 

Commuter community groups are new as of last fall and meet around Lynchburg or on campus to watch Campus Community together and participate in discussions afterwards. There are currently just under 30 Commuter Shepherds designated to lead the 12 community groups. 

The Office of Student Life also creates many opportunities for commuter students to connect and involve themselves on campus through events. 

A date for commuters to look forward to this semester is April 24, when a “roaring twenties” themed spring social will take place. Students can look to the Commuter Life Instagram and Facebook pages for details.

A “Big Game Party” will be held for the Super Bowl Feb. 2. Wings, pizza and other refreshments will be provided. Games and giveaways will commence throughout the event. 

The office also holds “Montview Meetups” each month to reach those commuters who do not come to the Commuter Lounge in Green Hall. Gery said they will set up coffee, have background music and giveaway some promo items. The next meetup will be held Feb. 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

“The biggest thing is just for our commuter students to stay connected,” Gery said. “It is important to seek out community and seek out opportunities to be involved.”

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  • There is definitely a disconnect between commuter students and those that dorm, so it’s good to see that this is being done to help bridge the gap. It makes for a better educational experience for those that travel to and from school.

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