Liberty supports Bahamian students during the islands’ time of devastation

Liberty University seeks to respond to Hurricane Dorian’s destruction through monetary relief and hopes to engage with boots on the ground as soon as travel can be opened. 

The university first responded by sending a check of $25,000 to contribute to relief efforts. Liberty hopes to send an LU Send Now team soon. 

Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser said Liberty is home to nearly 30 Bahamian students. Nasser honored these students on stage in Convocation Sep. 4 and prayed for their families and those effected by the hurricane. 

“A student who is going through this kind of trauma right now has the comfort of knowing that their classmates are their brothers and sisters in Christ, that the university is a family and that the community back home might be in a lot of trouble, but their community in their second home here is for them and that they’re not alone,” Nasser said.

Nasser said he is impressed by how students leverage what they have to give to others in situations of need. Students responded to tragedies in the past by creatively using their resources to raise support for a cause. 

A student athlete  from the Bahamas plans to do a fundraiser through the track team to raise money for those affected on his home islands. 

“Liberty students are audacious when it comes to wanting to love their neighbor,” Nasser said. 

K.J. Jugar| Liberty Photography
TOGETHER — Students who call the Bahamas home gathered on stage at Convocation Sep. 4 for a time of prayer following the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian.

Nasser said Liberty students on LU Send Now trips serve the affected area in the most practical ways, especially in disaster relief situations. This LU Send Now trip will likely consist of ripping out sheetrock, taking furniture out of damaged homes and repairing flood-damaged areas. 

Liberty plans to partner with Samaritan’s Purse and local partners in the Bahamas, including Camp Bahamas. Camp Bahamas is a Lynchburg-based ministry led by Liberty alumni Richard and Andrea Albury. 

The Bahamian islands are still being impacted by severe weather. Tropical Storm Humberto has caused heavy rainfall and strong winds in the Bahamas and will likely cause rip currents and high surf on the northwest coast of the Bahamas and southeast U.S., according to the National Hurricane Center. The tropical storm might escalate into a hurricane. 

The brewing storm on the coast of the Bahamas could hinder rescuers from finding those still missing after Hurricane Dorian, according to BBC News. 

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