Candace Owens and husband converse about Brexit, feminism and marriage with President Falwell, Becki and Nasser during Convocation

“When I heard her rant against socialism, I knew that I loved this woman.” 

That was one of the Honorable George Farmer’s most memorable quotes from Convocation Sep. 6. Many Liberty students were looking forward to hearing Nigel Forage speak on Brexit, but pressing circumstances involving Brexit in Britain kept him from coming. Instead, students heard from newlyweds Candace Owens Farmer and the George Farmer speak on a range of current issues. 

Despite the fact that they were technically on their honeymoon, the Farmers still graced the stage. They, along with President Jerry Falwell, his wife Becki and Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser engaged in a discussion that ranged from marriage proposals to Brexit to modern feminism. 

The discussion began with the Farmers explaining how they met and got engaged after only knowing each other for two weeks. The conversation then jumped to Brexit, as the Honorable George Farmer explained the background and controversy surrounding Great Britain’s choice to leave the European Union. 

“Brexit represents the latest fight against tyranny,” George Farmer remarked. “What Brexit is all about is restoring choices and sovereignty to the individuals of the United Kingdom versus the European Union, which is so undemocratic that if it were its own country, it wouldn’t be allowed into the European Union.”

Candace Farmer, also a strong, vocal conservative, talked about her political movement “Blexit,” which she founded as a movement for conservative African-Americans. Candace Farmer’s goal for Blexit is to “challenge Black Americans to consider what Trump actually asked of (them).” 

The couple have concrete thoughts on feminism and how that relates to the roles a husband and wife play in marriage. 

The Honorable George Farmer moved from Great Britain to be with Owens and considered the sacrifice worth it, he said as he made an analogy to Christ and
the Church. 

“The strongest example of marriage the world has ever seen, and the whole world has ever seen, is Christ loving the Church,” George Farmer said.

Liz Fitch | Liberty Champion
FRIENDLY COMPETITION — The Honorable George Farmer and his wife, Candace Owens Farmer, played “The Newlywed Shoe Game” at Convocation Sep. 6.

Candace Farmer spoke from a conservative woman’s perspective about modern feminism. Though she said that she originally hated the idea of getting married and having children, she warmed up to it when she realized that staying single and rejecting the idea of kids out of spite made many women bitter about life. 

“I was one of those people that fell for the scam (of modern feminism),” she said. “I’m (now) happy to be married … I love my husband and I can’t wait to have kids.” 

The conversation moved to how liberal political figures use the Bible and its principles when it helps them and shun those same principles when it doesn’t suit. Candace Farmer said liberals in America are pushing for socialism, and her husband agreed.  

“Atheism and socialism have a lot of twin history together,” the Honorable George Farmer said. “They will invoke any language or rhetoric to further their aims. They’ll use God when it’s convenient and throw him out the window when it’s not.” 

After the conclusion of the discussion, the Honorable George Farmer and Candace Farmer played “The Newlywed Shoe Game,” in which both of them were seated back-to-back as they answered questions about each other. If they both were able to score five points, the Shoe (Commons 3) won cookies. 

Luckily for the Shoe and the Farmers, they were able to score those five points. Cookies were distributed in Commons 3 at Community Groups on Wednesday, Sep. 11. 


  • These newlyweds couple George and Candace are the inspiration to the millennials who are being constantly indoctrinated by the liberal socialist media and democrats. I sincerely hope that these millennials will be able to see these remarks and comments made by this amazing couple at this website.

  • Candace my admiration for you knows no bou ds.

  • When I retire, within 5 years, I would like to work for Candace as a volunteer. I am a huge fan after watching her on Fox. Please let me know how I can help further her message currently.

  • Christopher Andrews

    Just donated to her Blexit cause and disappointed to learn she was already taken (married)!

  • When I first saw you, Candace Owens, on TV I was highly impressed and believed that you would be a great example to be followed by many who undoubtedly need help especially in
    your generation.
    I thank you Candace Owens Farmer for your inspiration and wish you & your husband a life filled with love & continued success in helping your generation and country.
    Philip Zrike

  • You are both an inspiration to us all. God Bless all that you out your hands to do.

  • Candace Owen for president 2024

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