Candace Owens and husband converse about Brexit, feminism and marriage with President Falwell, Becki and Nasser during Convocation

“When I heard her rant against socialism, I knew that I loved this woman.” 

That was one of the Honorable George Farmer’s most memorable quotes from Convocation Sep. 6. Many Liberty students were looking forward to hearing Nigel Forage speak on Brexit, but pressing circumstances involving Brexit in Britain kept him from coming. Instead, students heard from newlyweds Candace Owens Farmer and the George Farmer speak on a range of current issues. 

Despite the fact that they were technically on their honeymoon, the Farmers still graced the stage. They, along with President Jerry Falwell, his wife Becki and Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser engaged in a discussion that ranged from marriage proposals to Brexit to modern feminism. 

The discussion began with the Farmers explaining how they met and got engaged after only knowing each other for two weeks. The conversation then jumped to Brexit, as the Honorable George Farmer explained the background and controversy surrounding Great Britain’s choice to leave the European Union. 

“Brexit represents the latest fight against tyranny,” George Farmer remarked. “What Brexit is all about is restoring choices and sovereignty to the individuals of the United Kingdom versus the European Union, which is so undemocratic that if it were its own country, it wouldn’t be allowed into the European Union.”

Candace Farmer, also a strong, vocal conservative, talked about her political movement “Blexit,” which she founded as a movement for conservative African-Americans. Candace Farmer’s goal for Blexit is to “challenge Black Americans to consider what Trump actually asked of (them).” 

The couple have concrete thoughts on feminism and how that relates to the roles a husband and wife play in marriage. 

The Honorable George Farmer moved from Great Britain to be with Owens and considered the sacrifice worth it, he said as he made an analogy to Christ and
the Church. 

“The strongest example of marriage the world has ever seen, and the whole world has ever seen, is Christ loving the Church,” George Farmer said.

Liz Fitch | Liberty Champion
FRIENDLY COMPETITION — The Honorable George Farmer and his wife, Candace Owens Farmer, played “The Newlywed Shoe Game” at Convocation Sep. 6.

Candace Farmer spoke from a conservative woman’s perspective about modern feminism. Though she said that she originally hated the idea of getting married and having children, she warmed up to it when she realized that staying single and rejecting the idea of kids out of spite made many women bitter about life. 

“I was one of those people that fell for the scam (of modern feminism),” she said. “I’m (now) happy to be married … I love my husband and I can’t wait to have kids.” 

The conversation moved to how liberal political figures use the Bible and its principles when it helps them and shun those same principles when it doesn’t suit. Candace Farmer said liberals in America are pushing for socialism, and her husband agreed.  

“Atheism and socialism have a lot of twin history together,” the Honorable George Farmer said. “They will invoke any language or rhetoric to further their aims. They’ll use God when it’s convenient and throw him out the window when it’s not.” 

After the conclusion of the discussion, the Honorable George Farmer and Candace Farmer played “The Newlywed Shoe Game,” in which both of them were seated back-to-back as they answered questions about each other. If they both were able to score five points, the Shoe (Commons 3) won cookies. 

Luckily for the Shoe and the Farmers, they were able to score those five points. Cookies were distributed in Commons 3 at Community Groups on Wednesday, Sep. 11. 


  • These newlyweds couple George and Candace are the inspiration to the millennials who are being constantly indoctrinated by the liberal socialist media and democrats. I sincerely hope that these millennials will be able to see these remarks and comments made by this amazing couple at this website.

    • Congratulations to Candace and George. Might I add – their children will be beautiful!!!

      • Connie Salladay

        God certainly had a hand in this marriage. What an exciting future they have ahead of them!
        You’ve both been very blessed.♥️


        Why did you say their children will be beautiful? Because purely black children in your opinion are not?

      • Jennifer McFarland you seem to be the one who thinks the black children are not beautiful because Kristin said, “ THEIR “ children will be beautiful. That’s a mixture of both parents. If she said, Candace your children will be beautiful because your husband is white…. PLEASE DO NOT INTERJECT YOUR RACIST THINKING ON HER INNOCENT WORDS. BLACK CHILDREN ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Jennifer mcfarland

    • You must not associate with republicans from the south they don’t care for bi-racial marriages lol.

      • what an ignorant reply

      • Exactly

      • I lived in the south and in a mixed marriage. No body has ever said anything to us. You can it wrong about Republicans in the south. It was the Democrats against mixed marriage. But we still dated but had to hide doing it.

      • That’s a gross stereotype! I’ve lived in the north and the south. 20+years each. The thing I find refreshing about the south is the racist dosen’t hide. In a conversation shorter than a nursery rhyme the N word or some nod to a minority followed by a hateful comment will come out.
        In the North you could go 2 years and marry someone before they comment on the N word person you just passed!!! I’ts freaking remarkable.
        Ive run into less bigoted people in the south than in the north and that counts people of color towards whites.
        Yeah, hate isn’t a one way street.
        I have been in the company of people who would put the N word front , center and the end of their rant when going off about some white person.
        Funny, but just like the white bigots I ran into, they’re the ones that have little personnel grievances. It’s always about how some relatives were treated or just their feelings on history as they experience it.
        The most racist people I met weren’t a color. They were a party. Democrats!
        Sorry but it’s true.

      • It doesn’t matter what they think, much love and prayers go to the newlyweds George and Candace!!

      • Are you from the south? We in Savannah have a lot of bi-racial marriages and my white son finds the dark skinned ladies quite beautiful. I wish people wouldn’t make such biased generalities about the south.

      • That would be southern Democrats, the ones that started the KKK.

      • That’s a pretty broad stroke there. The south is way past that by many years. Maybe it’s who you’re hanging around in particular. Or, you have inaccurate info.
        That may exist in some of the older generation, but not in the generations today.

    • Hopefully millennials will listen to someome more their age.
      They sure don’t listen to their parents! I know!

    • #Ijustvomited

      • So saying that I mix race baby with a white man as the father would be beautiful is insulting to you ,your offended by that comment says to me you are a racist bigot for even thinking so hateful.
        No matter the color all people are beautiful, maybe you’re not beautiful inside your heart.

    • Besides being broken and self-degradation, she is making money off racist Bigots. LOL!

      • Michelle berry-patterson

        I agree

      • I think you got it backwards. See, you’re a racist moron and she is wealthy, happy, and well adjusted.

      • I see two things after reading these comments. All of her detractors have terrible grammar, the speech patterns are often jumbled and make no sense. You really have to wrestle with the sentences to understand what they are trying to say. The spelling & punctuation are atrocious, perhaps on a fourth grade level at best. One claims to be educated. Does this mean they are jealous of her success in the career field? Perhaps.
        The other thing is that all of the hateful detrimental comments about race are by blacks. Why then are whites the ones accused of racism? This does not appear to be the case. There was a reference to his ancestors being the masters of her ancestors and that is possible. It has absolutely nothing to do with what transpires hundreds of years later. My ancestors on both sides had to leave their respective countries due to persecution and more recently than the African slave trade. I doubt there is any ethnic group who does not have ancestors who were oppressed & worse at some point in history. It really is time to get over it and have the best lives we can make. I’m glad that the Farmer’s have done this and believe they will be happy.

    • Wil Cameron-Dow

      Meant to be and destined to be God’s Angels…. Great read.

    • She’s an inspiration?! Have you read up on her history of flip-flopping sides, political parties, races, lies, etc.? How about her endeavors over the years trying to make money by suing people and raise money by gofundme’s for her failed on-line start-ups? She will side with whomever promises her the most money and say whatever words will bring her the most fame. She has no conscience.

      • Andrea Maiorana

        Give people a chance to grow and evolve. If you have no skeletons in your closet and a perfectly unspotted background, you’ve got to be one in a few million. I admire her knowledge, the strength of her convictions and her values NOW.

    • Amazing couple.make sense when they speak, they have my full support.

    • We will share them as far and wide as we can, you can be sure of that. An inspiration indeed. Hi from a sunny South Africa, and part of the previously disadvanteged community who completely agree with Candice; we are not victims, but victors through hard work, good common sense and love and compassion which our living God has created us with. To God be all the glory. He is completely in control. You just look at people like Candice and other like minded people.

    • Candace is in it for the money and nothing else, she is a racist opportunistic individual. Always has been, always will be. And by the way…not very intelligent. College dropout.

      • Wow.. ‘not very intelligent.. college dropout’ So was Bill gates.. BUT she’s more intelligent and has more common sense than most of the ‘white woke liberal teachers and professors indoctrinating your kids in school’

  • Candace my admiration for you knows no bou ds.

    • Candace… my disgusts for you knows no bounds! You are a hateful pathetic woman who hates her own black self. Enjoy your marriage to that prick… you deserve one another. Can’t wait till he shows HIS real color and calls you the N word… it’s coming.

      • You sound like someone who hates themselves — troubled, in fact.

      • Your disgust for her stems from your own deep disgust for yourself.

      • I love your comment Candace is hateful and condescending she has nothing good to say and always bring up someone’s past .People are allowed to change .who the hell she think she is

      • May God have mercy on you, Marvin. Thank God, God is God and he loves you anyhow. Love has no bounds. You are loved.

      • candace lawber

        And you are calling her hateful pathetic? Educate yourself and stop being racist and hateful. Set the example don’t hate on others who are brave enough to set it for you.

      • All Lives Matter

        Marvin J
        Candace’s husband will show his real colors just as OJ Simson did to his white wife Nicole by killing her. There are bad people in all colors. Black people only get mad when a white officer kills a black person, not when a black officer kills black people and never mind about black killing black even children every day in Chicago, who speaks for them, oh I know who, NOBODY. So ask yourself which race is really racist??

      • You disgusting – prick – sick ‼️

      • Couldn’t agree more

      • Isabella Crosse

        Who she loves as her business they look good together is really none of your business I’m a black woman I agree with Candace Owens

      • So you want to control Candace Owens and tell her how to think. That sounds like a Nazi to me.

      • Ditto that!

      • No hating please, we are all intitled to uor own opinion. It is racist for people to expect people of the same race must think and act alike. God bless you. Shalom

      • Only just seen this article, & all the resulting comments.
        I studied psychology & I am no fool. I see no indication that you hate yourself Marvin J. But I do see a lot of bile toward you from people who like Candace now that her (shifting) political allegiance fits with their own beliefs.
        Candace says terrible, things about people of colour. She gives speeches/rants about black people.. racially profiles & categorizes them in away that gives the, very very strong, impression thet she does not like the black part of her self.
        I, & most educated people I know, also believe, as you do, that Candace would sell her soul to the devil if it made her rich enough, & could put, & keep, her in the spotlight.
        The Brexit party, in the UK, is predominantly known for being full of racists. All these people commenting don’t seem to know this, or is it that they just dont care because it doesn’t fit their narrative?!
        When I seen these 2 interviewed, they really don’t come across to me as a couple in love. They come across as 2 smart cookies that have just entered inti a great new business venture! The benefits for both their careers is blindingly obvious!
        I look forward to the day that Ms Owen’s 15 minutes of fame dies out!
        Stand by your beliefs Marvin, you’re not wrong.

      • Just Another Opinion

        Angel, maybe you should study grammar next as your writing is atrocious. Your (lack of) education is evident in your rant. It’s always amusing when people feel the need to explain that they are educated when clearly they are not.

  • When I retire, within 5 years, I would like to work for Candace as a volunteer. I am a huge fan after watching her on Fox. Please let me know how I can help further her message currently.

  • Christopher Andrews

    Just donated to her Blexit cause and disappointed to learn she was already taken (married)!

    • Don’t worry, at least now you can get blessed or rewarded by God, for not getting anything out of return and just doing it for the cause. God bless you young man. I declare for your loss, if you ask God for the One to marry one day, he will give you what you have not even imagined. That is how good it will be. Take me up on this challenge, and I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.

  • When I first saw you, Candace Owens, on TV I was highly impressed and believed that you would be a great example to be followed by many who undoubtedly need help especially in
    your generation.
    I thank you Candace Owens Farmer for your inspiration and wish you & your husband a life filled with love & continued success in helping your generation and country.
    Philip Zrike

  • You are both an inspiration to us all. God Bless all that you out your hands to do.

  • Candace Owen for president 2024

  • Candace, please run for anything we need you on the front line! Your unbelievably smart and well versed in real time with all issues! Let the truth set you free!!!

    • Gloriagetitdonewalker

      I thought I was the only one who felt you don’t like yourself it’s okay to be black don’T be ASHAME embrace it & change you will feel great

  • Typical black woman marries white man for acceptance because of self hate as soon as the first major argument he will call her the N word like they always do.

    • Please look in the mirror and understand that is a very stupid statement. You need many years to grow and to grow up. May be with some life experiences learned, you will agree, at some point, how dumb you are right now in this moment. This is not a woman who has any hate, much less any hate for herself, but a small mind can not grasp that. Young man, you are a racist. Pray, you need it.

      • Thank you for speaking out and standing up for what is right and up holding biblical values. All the negative remarks spoken out against you only shows the hatred and ugliness in their hearts.

      • NO way in HELL!!!!

    • Preach. This chic is as phony as a $3 dollar bill

      • On the day of our death God will judge our value based upon our fruit based upon His word… What is your life worth John Moore?

      • Yess it is!! Or worse!

      • Kelly A Felmey

        Candace Owens is such an inspiration. So smart and beautiful. I would love to see her run for president.

    • Mind your business

    • Are you really that shallow or are you jealous?

    • Wow. You don’t actually believe what you just wrote. Did you say that about Meghan and Harry?

    • All Lives Matter

      Tony Michaels
      So do you think Michael Jordan’s white wife calls him the N word. I know Michael sure didn’t marry her for acceptance. You’re racist!

    • Disgusting! My husband is white (I’m black) we’ve been married 24 years and he has nothing but respect for me you sound like a bitter man

    • Tony Michaels that is an extremely racist statement. I’m surprised that you didn’t just come out and say that we should be keeping the races pure. Wait, oh, you’re a fan of Hitler. He likes keeping races pure.

    • You are a hater, and want to control another person’s thinking. In the Bible they condemned Moses for being married to an ethiopian, a black woman. And God gave them leprosy. Isn’t that nice. So are people who judge people breaking the race barrier, losers and then some.

    • WOW!I bet you’re black person saying this…the most hateful comments are from racist black people…. Who have the nerve to call white people racist. Smh

  • John more. You need to realize that everyone is not you. And everyone has their preference. Don’t be a hater because that is what you are right now. Playing right in hell.

  • Gizzie M. Harris

    God bless your family and give you beautiful kids that will also inspire the world.

  • Candice and George I could’nt be happier that you found one another.
    I wish you much Happiness in your
    journey in Life together.

  • You have given a great example to your generation. God-fearing, first marriage, desiring to have a family after marriage, contributing to community your time talent treasure. . . God bless you always George & Candace.

  • Dotsy Balentine

    Candace upends what most people go their whole lives never questioning. I would trust her more than any other conservative, because she brings first hand intel from the other side (i.e. used to be a liberal and hated it.) and has figured out exactly what she believes in for herself…similar to atheists who fight loudly with fervor against believing in God and Jesus, mocking those who do believe, always trying to disprove His existence —only to
    end up becoming the most devout witnesses to Him (i.e. again, bringing the experience wisdom from the other side.). Ex: Pastor of the church in The Woodlands who authored Case for Christ. Her husband obviously loves her in her entirety.

    • Candice no woder you know so much about black people you lay in bed and listen to your husband you have never walked in our shoes an dont intend to i dont hate you but some of the things you say obout us are ridiculous maybe one day you’ll try a black man and find out for yourself what we go through

  • Candace Owens…the college dropout. What a role model for the black community.Stop your goals once you get a settlement.

    • !!!!! BAM !!!!!!
      She got her white man = A holy roller = money too!
      She hit the ‘Jackpot’ !!
      Do you feel a bit whiter now Mrs Farmer?

    • College degrees have nothing to do with intelligence and even less to do with speaking from the Heart…..Go Candace!

  • The first time I heard Candace rant about George Floyd I said from the context she is in a relationship with a white man. The people’s reaction is because of how George died and so close to A Arberry …. the list goes on. No one is saying George is a hero everyone has a past, open your eyes and mind to the history of brutality ‘we’ have endured on a daily basis by the Authorities who are supposed to protect us however usually looks like your husband. I’m sure your ‘pillow talk’ don’t get real deep as you know doubt has closed your mind to the fact that his forefathers was your fore parents Slave masters, and yes ‘Coon’ is a polite word to describe you.

    • Yet.. whose killing blacks on a LARGER ‘scale’
      It’s not a white person … like you said that looks like her husband.. no! It’s black people who look like her!

  • The Honorable George Farmer, why is he honorable? Will he be a citizen due to marriage? Sort of like Melania? Never heard of Candice before today. Seems she is a younger refined version of Diamond and Lace. Just another talking head. Listened to her rant, her words, on George Floyd. Some merits but she definitely plays to her audience. She can keep Trump and his remarks about a great day for George with the unemployment stats. Bizarre Candice and Trump are both cons.

    • What about prince Harry & Meghan, will he lose his title because he married an American? Don’t think so, unless he decides to give up his citizenship. I am thinking Honorable might pertain to him being an attorney or in the House of Lords.

  • I’m very glad they found each other. Hard to imagine who would else would have either of them. Must be hard to live a life and belief driven purely by ego. Please Liberty students – try to find role models who do not hate.

  • And you are calling her hateful pathetic? Educate yourself and stop being racist and hateful. Set the example don’t hate on others who are brave enough to set it for you.

  • Anita
    WOW! Why are people so hateful if they don’t agree with you. Everyone has a right to have their own opinion. It’s ok to agree to disagree.

  • Mis Candance heard you rant about Floyd. And it is terrible wrong. We not making mis ter floyd a Marta we are just talking about the way they kill him , for instance instead of killing him if he did something wrong just arrest him. That what we talking about simple why go through that foot on his neck. And he is not the only one ste you si far up that white man ass that you cant see? Really, He is not the only one to die from police brutality. Wake up uncle tom.

  • Candice
    Saw video on George Floyd’s death. All I can, “who without sin” throw the first
    stone”. Why do conservatives (& you) need to tear down someone else, to built yourself up? You look very young/naive, but keep living and one day
    you will need forgiveness too.
    Theodore Roosevelt once said “speak softly and carry a big stick” is something
    you should endear yourself to emulate and learn something from Colin Powell, a conservative too who handles himself with dignity and grace.

    Megan Wilson

  • This couple is very disturbing. Almost robot-like.

  • While she is trying to wash her color away she needs to wash them feet.

  • Alfredo Cervantes

    Congratulatuons Candance you are a living example of your unbiased feeling. I wish you both the best futrure to be the inspiration of millennials and older.

  • Candice, I think you are amazing. I hope to see you become our country’s first female President in2024! Congratulations to both you and your husband.

  • Candace Owens is a disgrace to humanity.
    Just like the phony president she loves who will go to the extreme to use the book of God for a photo op. So also will Owens go to extremes to challenge George Floyd, a person who unknowingly became a hero after his death. The people voted him as a hero just as they will vote Trump and Owens out of the self proclaimed limelight they claim to have.

  • Anita,
    How very silly to judge someone because of a diploma. She didn’t finish college, because maybe she didn’t find it satisfy? In spite of it, she’s accomplished much for her young age, she’s making a difference. I would say to all young adults…follow your passion, make this world a better place than when you entered it. It’s all we can asked. BTW, I have 2 college graduated daughters and living the American dream, married, kids, home, etc. one son-in-law did not finish college, he’s smart & articulate, cherishes my granddaughter & daughter, has a great position in a tech company. My only concern is that he tends to be a social progressive…but he’s young and I’m looking for the aha moment when he will wake up a social conservative. Bottom line, Having a degree is a superficial symbol of accomplishment. Yes I do have a degree also.

  • I just read these comments, I cannot believe all the negative comments I saw! I have a bi-racial granddaughter, and she is beautiful. Just because someone says you’ll have beautiful children does not mean they favor one over another. All skin types are beautiful. Candace has God on her side, and that is all that matters. You go girl! Candace.

    She speaks truth. She will debate anyone. She is learning as she goes. We all have a story. Money has nothing to do with it. If money did, then the left would be in control now. They have most of the money. It is a lie that Republicans are rich. Look at the sources.

    I wish Candace and George many happy years and many blessings!

  • So not a blessing

  • HUGE fan of this brave and intelligent young lady! Blessings to her, and the Man by her side!

  • I’ve liked Candacce Owen’s since the 1st time, I’ve seen her. I don’t even remember now, exactly when. He initial like was probably because she was a Republican. Having the same political beliefs certainly spurred it on but she is very articulate,I assumed she was a college graduate and she knew of what s The spoke. It doesn’t matter re: to education because she is as bright as any of her peers if not more so. Candace will have far more than her 15 minutes of fan because she’s authentic, the real deal. She can be anything she sets out to be. I hope she will be very happy in her marriage and that she is with child, the world is her oyster. I admire you Candace, keep speaking for what I and many others would like too but I cannot public speak, lest I show ppl how uneducated I am, lol.

  • Leonard E Singleton

    Candace, the best to you even though I do not agree with all you say or believe. Question: Do you really believe that apes have souls? You mentioned this during your introduction of your husband. I was perplexed especially since you husband studied theology.

    Love & Peace Forever,

    A black man without an attitude

  • Can’t believe in 21st century we are still discussing race. There is only one race and that is Human race. I was shocked to read most of the comments that were full of hate, racism etc. U name it. It’s like we forgotten how to be nice, how to treat people with respect no matter what their opinion is. I was under the impression we live in the county where u were entitled to have ur opinion. Having said that – it does not give u the right to be disgusting, hating or aggressive in your response. It doesn’t matter whether u have degree or not, if you can’t express your dislike in correct way – you are nobody.
    Change is needed and it start with each and every individual. World needs more love not war and hate.

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