Downtown 2040 master plan passes

 The Downtown Lynchburg 2040 Master Plan, which gives a 20-year vision for future of the city of Lynchburg, was voted on with a tally of 6 to 1 at the Nov. 13 city council meeting. 

Rachel Frischeisen, planner II for the city of Lynchburg’s Department of Community Development, said the project was adopted. She explained what will be happening going forward. 

“This means that (the) council has approved the concepts and visions for downtown as described in the plan,” Frischeisen said. “Going forward, we will begin implementing the projects and goals of the plan, starting with two-way traffic on Church Street in 2019. Main Street will be converted to two-way in a few years after Main Street Renewal, which is a joint infrastructure project with Appalachian Power.” 

The plan, which includes on-street paid parking and the implementation of two-way traffic on Church and Main Streets, was previously met with concerns from local shop owners. The discussion was tabled multiple times for further conversation and to provide the council time to provide answers and solutions to the questions and problems addressed. 

According to City Council member Beau Wright, the city council implemented suggested updates. Regarding the concerns about two-way traffic, the city council provided the following reassurances at the Nov. 13 meeting, saying two-way streets “promote walkability and safety, improve circulation, promote economic development and promote a dense urban core.” 

Other improvements to the downtown area include art, parks, trails and an outdoor amphitheater, according to Frischeisen. 

“The other projects will be implemented as funding becomes available,” Frischeisen said. 

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