Local build-your-own cinnamon roll shop open in Downtown Lynchburg

Sometimes, you just need old-fashioned, sugar-rich, comfort food. 

That, according to Alex Richardson, is what his new gourmet bun and beignet shop Cinn City will offer. 

 Cinn City serves fresh cinnamon buns and beignets that guests can top with more than 20 different kinds of frostings or toppings. 

Richardson, co-owner of RA Bistro, opened the bakery right next door to the RA Bistro to complement what was already being done at RA Bistro, as well as add something new to the downtown area. 

“We wanted to find something that would bring a notoriety to downtown, bring notoriety to the building itself – something that was special and unique,” Richardson said.

Richardson compared Cinn City to the donut chain Duck Donuts. He described how customers are able to order a large cinnamon bun fresh from the oven and then top it with anything from infused frosting to candy to fruit.  

Cinnamon rolls are baked fresh each day.

“It’s a comfort food; it’s a sugar-laden, rich product,” Richardson said. “The idea behind it is comfort food – it is decadent; it is dessert.”

Richardson said that there will be cinnamon buns and beignets available for vegan customers and customers with other food restrictions.

As a trained, French-Creole chef, Richardson knows how to adjust a recipe to fit diet restrictions. He also sees the value in keeping his cinnamon buns and beignets simple and fresh, yet still delicious. 

“Us mom-and-pop chefs, we want to use real food and prepare it as simple as we can make it and as fresh as we can make it for the client that is coming in and eating that product,” Richardson said. 

Richardson also said he is committed to setting up Cinn City so each customer gets a cinnamon bun fresh out of the oven. He also said that part of the reason that Cinn City
focuses just on cinnamon buns and beignets is to make it easier to make them fresh.

Richardson said that having two options for the pastry but a variety of toppings is what distinguishes Cinn City from other bakeries in the area.

Since his shop opened in a town that boasts several colleges, Richardson kept student customers in mind. 

“Being a part of the community and embracing the student body and the student community from all the schools is something we want to do,” Richardson said. 

Richardson said he wanted to provide something unique for students and others. 

“We wanted to create that feel that it’s a destination — it’s not just a bakery,”
Richardson said. 

“We wanted to create that feel that it’s a destination — it’s not just a bakery,” – Alex Richardson

He said he thought the students would enjoy the novelty of a cinnamon bun and
beignet shop.

“I think that it’s going to give the students, not only a sweet tooth in regard to that warm, comfort food as a cinnamon roll, but its going to be that ‘cool’ factor, that ‘wow’ factor,” Richardson said. 

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