SGA Passes Resolution for a Consistent Open Dorms Schedule

The Liberty University student government’s House of Delegates passed a resolution last Tuesday that would make a monthly reoccurring day for open dorms.

The resolution seeks to schedule 7-9 p.m. every first Friday of the month as a time where students are allowed in the dorms of the opposite gender.

This legislation has now been passed by the House, Senate and SGA President Caleb Johnson and is waiting on a decision from administration.

Delegate Braeden Fleck, one of the five sponsors of the resolution, said after taking a legislation writing workshop, he felt the need to ask students what they wanted to see changed.

“I asked around and the most common thing people were not too fond of was the open dorm policy, because they didn’t really know what it was,” Fleck said.

Fleck said the only consistency in the current open dorms policy is that dorms will be open on Reading Day. Every other open dorm opportunity is announced the day of the occurrence. Fleck said many students want to be able to plan their schedules, and he saw the need for consistency.

“So, I was like, ‘You know what? Why not me? Why not go in there and try to make something of it?’” Fleck said.

He found out that a similar resolution had been developed in the senate the year before but got tabled because of wording issues. He joined forces with the Senate to refine the resolution. As a freshman, Fleck said getting the experience of working together on something the students felt passionate about was the most exciting thing for him.

“That’s kind of what I am all about … unity,” Fleck said, “And I think that is really something amazing — that we can make something together.”

Freshman delegate Constance Schneider, who Fleck worked with on the resolution, saw the struggle some resident assistants had with working around the spontaneous open dorm announcements. Both she and Fleck agreed that the resolution would benefit RAs.

Fleck claimed at the House meeting that he had talked with RAs from each housing arrangement on campus and that at least one male and female from each had approved of the structure.

But not all RAs are on-board with the changes. Gabrielle Bridges, who is in her second semester as an RA on the Residential Commons, said she felt the new policy takes some of the excitement out of open dorms.

“Honestly, I prefer the surprise,” Bridges said, “(The new policy) makes it not as unique, and it makes it like ‘Ugh, every Friday I am going to have to be on the hall.’”

Fleck’s response was that there is always going to be two sides to any legislation change and that it is his job to listen to the majority.

“Excitement for others is panic for some,” Fleck said. “Like halfway through open dorms, they didn’t even know about it, and then it ends.”

David Antonio, an RA on East Campus, also said that he felt that he and most RAs would not consider the first Friday of every month as an ideal policy.

“If you ask most (RAs), they’re probably going to be like ‘Aw, man, I already only have a limited amount of free time anyway, and I don’t want the first Friday of every month taken away,” Antonio said.

He was in favor of the structure and suggested SGA just make the resolution about posting a schedule at the beginning of the year for both RAs and students to see so they can plan their schedules around it.

Fleck and the other sponsors of the bill agreed but felt that it was also a good to foster the spiritual community through the ability to meet more often.

“The body of Christ is both male and female,” Fleck said, “There are aspects of our faith that each gender brings to community that the other gender needs.”


  • I am a Class of 1991 alum. LU’s student government has morphed into a bunch of clowns with apparently no moral compass. This is a group of students who clearly have no grasp of how these kinds of things cause and have caused problems at public colleges. What is happening at LU? And spare me the speech of, “This isn’t official yet.” This, and other things going on at LU, are signs of much deeper concerns. What are the alumni going to do about it?

  • Debbie David Annas

    I am from the first classes at liberty(1972-1976). It pains me to see our beloved school sinking into the ways of the world. Believe me, this will only be the first step toward libertys downfall. Sure, our rules were ridiculously strict but we understood and respected them.

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